Posted 2015: An update on the Windows DVD Player app

Community Moderator Update Mar 21, 2017 -  This is not the same issue as the DVD player failure which was being tracked and is now resolved in this thread:  Reliability update is available for Windows DVD player apps - Microsoft Community ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

We are aware that a number of people using the Windows DVD Player app have experienced issues with DVD playback. I want to assure you that we are actively working to fix these problems and get these fixes out to the world. While this work is underway, we would like to share some workarounds for the most common problems that we’ve discovered in collaboration with the community, and let everyone know that we’re looking into them.

  1. The video is stuttering or failing to play. Many people can fix this issue by installing the latest graphics drivers (AMD, Intel, Nvidia). We are continuing to investigate and fix other causes of this problem.
  2. When changing from one DVD to another, Windows DVD Player will not play the new DVD. This can be fixed by closing and re-opening the Windows DVD Player app.
  3. Windows DVD Player does not detect that a disk was inserted. This can be fixed by closing Windows DVD Player, inserting the DVD into your DVD drive, and then re-opening the Windows DVD Player app.
  4. Inserting a DVD opens the Windows Store. If inserting a DVD opens the Windows Store, rather than launching the DVD player, you may need to update your program defaults. To do so:
    1. Open the Start menu, search for “DVD” and select the result labeled “Autoplay” under Settings.
    2. You should see four DVD entries in the AutoPlay Control Panel, including “DVD movie”, “Enhanced DVD movie”, and “DVD-Audio.” Set the default for each of these items to “Play DVD (Windows DVD Player)” under the drop down menu for each entry.
    3. The Windows DVD Player app should now automatically launch when a disc is inserted.
  5. Windows DVD Player will not play audio using Dolby Digital Plus 5.1. Some users may see this fixed by getting the latest from Windows Update. We are continuing to look at other cases where that may not be sufficient.
  6. Playing a DVD to a second screen using HDMI sometimes fails. There is no workaround for this right now, but we are continuing to investigate it.
  7. [new] When playing a DVD, playback stops and a message states that the video cannot be decoded. There is no workaround for this right now, but we are working to make fixes for these issues available as soon as possible.

To reiterate, we are working on fixes for all of the above issues, and the workarounds we’ve outlined here are only temporary. As fixes become available, we will update this thread to let everybody know how to get them.

Please keep the feedback coming as we work to publish this app update. If you’re experiencing an issue with Windows DVD Player that is not outlined above, or if a workaround listed above does not work for you, we’d love to hear from you.

Thank you,

The Windows DVD Player team


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Thanks !
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In order to get VLC Player to auto-start DVDs, I had to right-click on the Windows DVD Player in the apps menu, and click "uninstall." The button promptly disappeared, and I got the VLC Player to behave properly.

Does this mean that I won't get a Windows DVD Player update? I don't know that I can reinstate that app.

Not a big deal, because VLC Player does work, but wouldn't it have been nice if Microsoft responded to all the complaints, in the past 1 1/2 months? Instead of pretending like there was no problem? Honestly, look at the replies we got on this. Nothing but banalities. Run the troubleshooter, do SFC scannow, and similar.

You did not list my problem, which even PC Week wrote about. Windows DVD Player does not play DVD movies. It says it can't decode the disk. When you put in the disk, originally it played the FBI warning and the clips, but it choked on the movie itself. After the 18 August update, it choked on everything. (Parenthetically, I read that Windows DVD Player lacks the necessary codecs. I read that if one installs the complete codec pack, one can use Windows Media Player to play DVDs. Interesting. I didn't go this route, but I might just experiment.)

Begin rant. The basic Windows 10 seems to work well. But it baffles me how Microsoft could have pushed out so many truly bad apps. What happened? DVD Player doesn't work, as far as I can tell, it doesn't work for anyone. It doesn't even work for those who pay $15 for it! Edge can't do some of the most basic functions, such as allow copying a link from the address bar, to paste in a document. Or even copying a web page as an htm file. Mail is way too primitive, hardly up to either Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail levels of competence. And these are just the most basic of apps that everyone uses. There is a litany of complaints about many, many other apps.

My question: How is it that Microsoft could put out perfectly competent apps in previous Windows versions, and then (apparently) have forgotten everything? I never experienced this sort of regression before, that I remember, when going to a new Windows version? What happened? The best advice we consistently get is to install third party apps, for mail, calendar, playing DVDs, making movies, to replace media center, you name it. Weird, wouldn't you say?

While I am glad to  read that you intend to fix the Windows DVD Player app, may I ask if you have a plan to bring a DVR app to the store one day?

I invested a lot in Windows Media Center (TV tuner, license for WMC itself, Xbox 360 as extender, remote, etc) and the lack of DVR app in Windows 10 prevents me from switching all my computers to Windows 10.

Note that I would pay for WMC in Windows 10 if you offered it under terms similar to the ones you had for the Windows 8 version...


How about an app with a reasonable price for a starters.

Hi Albert,

I apologize that the "cannot decode" error isn't in the post. We're aware of the issue and hard at work on a fix, but it slipped past us when preparing this thread. We'll be updating the original post soon to include that information. Unfortunately we don't have an official workaround to recommend at this time.

I'm checking with the apps team regarding how you can restore the Windows DVD Player app when an update is available, and I'll let you know as soon as I have that information in hand.

I have to personally apologize that more complaints were not publicly addressed before now, in the time since release. We (meaning those of us working on the DVD app; I can't speak for Microsoft as a whole) have been very focused on gathering feedback from a variety of sources (the Microsoft Community forums, the Windows Feedback app, app reviews, etc) and trying to fix the issues we've been hearing about. It becomes too easy to focus 100% on that part of the cycle and forget to close the loop with customers, as we're trying to do now. I intend to keep a close eye on matters and make sure to close that gap with regards to the Windows DVD Player app.

Hi gartaud,

I'm sorry I haven't responded yet. I'm not deeply involved in the DVR area, and I wanted to make sure I get a full picture of the situation before replying, in case it turned out there's plans I'm not aware of. I'm still working to get complete confirmation from some people, so hopefully I'll have an answer in the next day or so.

Thanks Chris, I am looking forward to getting a definitive answer.

Thanks for your patience. At this time, Microsoft has no plans to bring a first-party DVR app to the Windows Store. If you own an Xbox One, you may be interested in the over-the-air DVR functionality coming to Xbox One in 2016.

Hi Albert,

Returning to your question about reinstating the Windows DVD Player app, it does not appear possible to do so for free without restoring your machine to an eligible version of Windows 7 or 8 and performing the upgrade again. Unfortunately, for technical reasons, the app is not attached to your Microsoft Account when you upgrade to Windows 10, so there's no way to restore it from the Windows Store or otherwise.

Thank you for your answer Chris!

I do not own an Xbox One but even if I were to purchase one next year the promised DVR functionality would not address my problem: I need cablecard support to be able to decrypt encrypted cable channels (I am not able to receive OTA signal where I live, at least without a mast), and the Xbox One promised DVR functionality is (currently) limited to over-the-air. On top of that it seems it will be only single-tuner (so no watching and recording at the same time). Finally it is unclear that this feature will be available before the cutoff date for the free Windows 10 upgrade.

What could work for me is an Xbox One that supports a SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime (or the equivalent): three tuners, cablecard... and this within the next six months. Could this happen?

To go back to Windows 10 I certainly can understand that Microsoft would want to decouple Windows from Windows Media Center to be able to reduce the cost of Windows, as was done for Windows 8/8.1. So why not do that? I am quite sure that some people would be ready to pay for Windows Media Center if the price was similar to what it was under Windows 8 (e.g. $99 pro pack if I recall correctly). Note that software development cost is virtually zero (just change the splash screen and the about box from the previous version)... and mandatory royalties for mpeg2 and dolby are probably under $5. Recurring EPG might cost more but I believe that there is money to be made...

Anyway for now I am going to keep one computer running Windows 8.1 with Windows Media Center, which certainly goes against Microsoft wish for me to upgrade (if I believe the constant nagging in the taskbar). Awkward isn't it?

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