Why do you prefer the Windows Photo Viewer over the Win 10 Photos app?

Hi! We on the Photos team are hearing from the Windows Feedback app, Reddit, and Twitter that many people prefer the Windows Photo Viewer over the Photos app for opening photos from File Explorer. We are dedicated to making the Windows 10 Photos app the best photo viewing experience for Windows ever, and in this discussion we want to hear from YOU.

We want to understand why users are choosing the Windows Photo Viewer instead of the Photos app. What can you do with the Windows Photo Viewer, but not with the Photos app?

Please let us know how we can make transitioning to the Photos app easy for you! Liking posts and adding your own stories can help us best understand the top ways the Photos app doesn't suit your needs.

UPDATE: We are no longer actively monitoring this discussion thread, as we want to analyze the feedback we have already received. This discussion will not be closed, and you are welcome to add comments if you choose.


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I read it has something to do with being in picture library or not? Is this true?

For instance I have a folder with 220.000 pngs in them (raw kinect pngs) and used to be able to loop through (parts of) them with right and left. Putting them in my library direction is not an option.

For many other normal photo viewer things I would like a simple next file in folder or previous file in folder button, preferably left and right.

That used to work in 7, please get it back asap :), or direct me to another reason way this keeps on failing.


Because Photo Viewer actually works! The Photo app ha stopped working along with other windows apps!

As an example: Using Thunderbird email client.

I would like to Open eg: jpg attachment using Photo.app

It does not show up as a standard application to use, so you normally use the browse button to locate the .exe file. What this means is, in future, whenever I choose to open a jpg attachment, Photo.app should be launched to display the image.

However, when I select the exe file and click on Open, this only pops up an error:

"This application can only run in the context of an app container".

Basically Photo.app seems to be working in some kind of 'sandbox' so that other applications cannot call upon it to open.  Not sure it this is correct, but it appears that way.

My Questions:

  1. How do you 'allow' other applications such as Thunderbird or Outlook email client to run the Photo.app ?
  2. Most programs you can run from within a downloaded 'sandbox' also offer the ability to run outside of sandbox, but I've no idea how to do this for Photo.app...Please offer full clear instructions?
  3. Is it possible/do I need to get Photo.app installed as a normal standard application so I can get it to work ?
  4. How do I get control over this Photo.app?
The photos app does not render ,jpg photos that use the ProPhoto RGB color space properly.  The colors are washed out.  The Windows Photo Viewer has no problem with this color space.
Having to click on the image to hide the top bar every single time you open an image is a huge pain (especially if you're trying reviewing lots of images quickly and there happens to be a key identifying feature of the image along the top border, like a caption or a serial number). Is it too much to ask to have an option where no part of the image is OBSCURED every time one is opened?

To be honest no .. it's a matter of fingers used ..

Normal usage of Photo Viewer as to check multiple photos; arrows keys to cycle through them, and mouse wheel to zoom around. Arrows keys are used with index and ring finger and hand sitting there comfortably. Control key goes with baby finger and keeping it pressed for long time is uncomfortable, as is having to keep pressing/unpressing it between zooming and cycling through photos. And by the way, mouse wheels are not always that precise, thus using that for cycling is another bad idea.

Photo Viewer was a nice little app perfect as it was.. I'm sure your Photos works great with touch screens and such, but on a desktop with mouse and keyboard it sucks. And not due to the app itself, rather for the very poor design choice of what mouse wheel does and control with the zoom.

The reason i like Windows Photos Viewer better than photos is when working with sprites. zooming in does not blur the pixels. it feels more clearer  

Ohhohohohohoho man.

Because of the entire apparent design philosophy. Did you hire people from apple to take vontrol here? Cause that's what is looks like. Sure, the app is simple enough, and pretty. But as such, it doesn't do what I the user want it to, and is thus useless. E.g. I have the choice of either having a semi-transparent grey bar constantly covering the top portion of the image (which is infuriating) or turning on slide-show mode which has no way of turning off autoplay (which is infuriating).

Give me back goddamn control over how I want to view images and then we'll talk.Until then, get rid of whoever told you simplicity at the cost of usefulness was a good thing. He's wrong on so many levels.

Thank you very much for asking the question.

Neither program is as good as the Windows Photo Viewer from Windows 7.

The most annoying feature of both programs Photo app and Photo Viewer in Windows 10 is neither can do full screen.  Simply, full screen a single image and let you look at it until you are done.

Photo app does it to the extent of always showing the form's title bar (causing black bars on the sides and bottom of the picture), and hides the bottom of the picture behind the task bar (can auto hide task bar to eliminate this - but a auto-hiding task bar is more annoying than the bottom of the photo being hidden), and the top section under the Title bar being hidden by a tool bar...  Haven't found a reason for this tool bar to always be showing and I haven't found a way to make it hide yet. Maybe I just haven't tried hard enough.. I concede on that point, but the best possible scenario would still have a title bar and black bars around the image with the photo app (assuming there is a way I have not discovered to hide the tool bar).

Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10 does offer the option to show the picture full screen if you press F11 on the keyboard..  However you get to look at it for about 5 seconds then its off to the next picture (ready or not it's time for the next picture.).  

Any time useful features are removed, people are going to be upset.  

Hopefully the F11 tip for Windows Photo Viewer will help some people to be slightly less upset.

The worst problem is that about half the time I am unable to get arrows to move through the slides.  I use this to scan slides for delete before I start photo editing and don't want to open one image at a time!

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