SOLVED: Windows 10 Mail App Fails To Sync Some Yahoo/Gmail Folders

There are 2 things you need to know about syncing mail in the Windows 10 Mail App.

Some accounts such as Yahoo, need an App Specific password, INSTEAD of your usual sign in password when setting up your account.

To create one on Yahoo for example; log in to your account through your browser as you normally would to check your mail.

Then click this link:

Click on Generate a Password, Name it something like Windows 10 Mail and highlight and copy (Cntrl+C) this password that is a series of 16 lower case letters.

Then, go to your mail app and paste this in as your new password for Yahoo.  I found it easier just to delete the already established Yahoo account through the settings gear icon in the lower left of your mail app and start over.

Again, use this app password only for your Windows 10 mail app's Yahoo account.  Your mail password remains the same.

2nd, and here was the big mystery for me; Windows 10 creates by default a series of folders for Yahoo that are NOT USED(!) by Yahoo.  Yahoo has it's own naming convention for these folders and will create them under the "More" link, which is located below these useless folder names.  If you try to sync these wrong-named folders manually by clicking on one, you will eventually receive an error message.

What you have to do is right click on all of the folders (except Inbox - which should be syncing OK), and UnPin them, making note of what they are called.  In the 'More' link, you will find those folders now, and the Inbox with a Pin icon next to it, indicating that is still a visible folder in your Yahoo mail folder. Now right click and Pin the other similarly named folders you find here in 'More'.  For example instead of Drafts, pin Draft (the correct folder), instead of Trash, pin Deleted Items, instead of Sent Items, pin Sent, instead of Spam, right click and pin Bulk Items.

Now! Return to your main Yahoo folder and click on these newly pinned correctly named folders one by one, and hit the Sync icon at the top of the column.  (A pair of inverted circular arrows icon).  Now wait until you see the folder get propagated. This may take some time.

Please report back if this works!



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Well done my friend.

The above worked well.

Yahoo Mail (both .com and needed this in Windows 10.

I had to go to Set Up Your Second Sign In Verification

(Access Account Settings from the Yahoo Email - open in the Web Browser)

before I could Generate a Password.

This one got me out of the deep do do.

There is a new Yahoo Mail app that works wonderfully, find it in the Store and you'll never go back to the crappy Mail app that MS built into the Win 10 OS
Yahoo opens an App passwords window but nothing appears in it so I can get no further.  No way to generate a pw.

Yahoo opens an App passwords window but nothing appears in it so I can get no further.  No way to generate a pw but no matter as I see that Yahoo has already populated the box with the 16 character pw.  The pinning and unpinning worked well but in my app they call it  "Add to favorites." It does show up in the More folder with a pin next to it.  This morning I synchronized the new Favorite folders and Sent and Draft populated immediately but there's nothing in Bulk and my Inbox hasn't received today's mail.  Two steps forward, one step back.  I've downloaded the Yahoo app but have but yet opened it.  Windows 10 has worn me out.

Update: finally the Inbox and Bulk have populated!  Live Mail may work after all.  But how to retrieve old folders?Or create new ones?  Or mark something as spam?  I wish I had never upgraded to Windows 10!

This problem is NOT solved, though since this last post Yahoo & MS have automated the process of creating an app specific password.  A new 16 digit password is created in the mail app the first time you modify the account settings and save the changes.

The syncing issue is still very messed up.  I have been working on this issue for a couple days and I've read most of the posts and so called expert advice, all of which seems to have failed to diagnose the problem, which seems to be specific to YAHOO IMAP MAIL.

I have removed the yahoo mail account and added it back in to both my laptop and my windows tablet.  Every time the Windows mail app creates a new "sent items" folder that doesn't exits in yahoo web mail or my outlook (desktop). The existing folder is called "sent" which is where messages sent from my yahoo account in outlook or yahoo webmail are saved to.  (I does not do this with Gmail which is named "sent mail in google.)

After it creates this new folder then it saves all message sent from the windows app to the sent items folder.  Yahoo will then create this folder, as will outlook, but sent messages will be saved to different folders depending which client its sent from.

This is clearly a bug that MS needs to fix!!!

Fabulous. Worked like a dream.

Hey guys,

I think I may have found the solution to this.  It looks like Yahoo created a setting to deal with this passwords for apps and such.  

If you go to the link above. as mentioned and go to Account Security and then turn on:

"Allow apps that use less secure sign in

Some non-Yahoo apps and devices use less secure sign-in technology, which could leave your account vulnerable. You can turn off access (which we recommend) or choose to use them despite the risks."

Mine started working immediately after.  I then turned it on and back off again just to validate.  

Good luck guys.

One would think Yahoo would explain this instead of telling me over and over that my settings are out of sync or my password is wrong, geez!!!

perfect man, you made my day and night.....

Sitting here 1am and trying to get this xxxx working and finally I found a solution that works.

great input.

Thanks a lot

WORKED! BUT, one little glitch I found. If you have multiple yahoo! email accounts, you probably won't be able to use this option for both, so I would advise to first use it for your more important email that you want linked to Windows 10 inbox. I just decided to delete my other one, since I really didn't use it anyway.... 

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