Mail App Not Respecting the Reply-To Field

It appears that the windows 10 default app does not adhere to the RFC 5322 spec and respect the reply-to field correctly. We have a website that allows users to e-mail another user.  The second user is then able to respond to directly e-mail the first user by clicking reply. The first e-mail is send by us and we use the message header to tell the program where the replies should go.  However, we have had several instances of the Windows 10 Mail App replying to the from address and not the reply-to address.

I realize the high spoofing potential if users are not vigilant about checking where their message is going, but it appears that all major mail clients support our application of the reply-to field.

I also realize this is not technically a bug report forum, but it seemed like the best chance to indicate an issue considering I could not find a direct feedback link for the Mail app.  Thanks!

I too am experiencing this same problem. Only with Mail for Windows 10, and only with messages having a Reply-To address.
Same here!

Me too.  This is actually a pretty big error.  Lot's of systems use separate reply-to and sender accounts, especially enterprise stuff that is automatically generating email on behalf of a user.

This is basic functionality - it needs to be fixed pronto!

Wow... this is really embarrassing! I had complaints from instructor/students, and I told them it was most likely due to the student using an old phone or something, not honoring the reply-to header... but no, the new "great" Win 10 Mail...! :(

This needs to be fixed ASAP!

Please, all of you who want this fixed, go to the Win 10 Mail app - Settings - Feedback, and search for Reply-To, and upvote this bug. Only 7 people have upvoted this bug as of today...

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