Request for a "search in history" feature in Edge

I'm using windows 10 for 4 weeks now and I am very satisfied. Very quickly, I chose to ignore my Chrome browser and to opt for Microsoft Edge, in fact I found it a little more swift, but also because I find its design much more pleasant.

However, one feature was implemented in an extremely bad way, that is the "search in history".

First, it is impossible to do a research from the side panel history. In this panel, there is just the list of pages visited exhaustively. The absence of a search feature in this list makes it pointless ; Indeed when one surfs the Internet normally, this list becomes very large, and searching manually by browsing the list is so laborious that merely impossible.

Fortunately research in history is possible through the field at top area... however this feature has been designed in a totally clumsy way: it gives only 4 results maximum and these results seem to be selected by an algorithm which performs a completely aleatory relevance. The fact that research results are not exhaustive brings us to the impossibility of finding what we are looking for in case of the given result is not found among these 4 proposals.

Why not searching simply by included string in an exhaustive way, as we find in all softwares, as well as in Google Chrome? Why spending time to develop such an useless search algorithm? Does Microsoft plan to implement a classic search by string in the sidebar history list? This feature should not take much time to code and should have been already implemented.

Do you agree like me that this feature is sorely lacking at present?

I agree completely! How they have managed to boast Edge as this super successor to IE, and then riddle the program with these problems is beyond me. I feel Edge is by far the worst browser I've had to experience. Search history, zilp... Right-click to refresh single page (I know, F5 instead)? Zilch... TWO address bar locations, one of which is hidden by using the same color scheme around it so you go there from past presumptions only...and then to actually use the address bar requires click, wait..., click, then And of course all the complete waste of space that makes it feel like a weak, underdeveloped, overly-rushed browser. A more extreme example would be the Mail app bundled w/ W10 (try bringing up the menu in full screen and again not in fullscreen. So. Very. Bad. The whole of W10, in my opinion, reeks of these design failures (especially when trying to adopt new users).... Sorry for the thread hijacking...

I guess Microsoft is more interested in where you are going and not where you have been. Duh!!
Could not agree more.  Without a useful search function Edge is not for me. Back to Firefox

I don't know how, but if you logged in with your Microsoft account you can go here to view your Edge browing history ....


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