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mhtml format not opening in EDGE

MarySweeney asked on

Original Title: mhtml format

I upgraded to Windows 10 - not a clean upgrade, I kept my existing documents/settings. The upgrade went smoothly. I got the new browser Edge, but of course kept Internet Explorer as well. I am more than disappointed that I am unable to use any file that "I" create as my personal homepage. I had designed a page in Word and saved it as an .mhtml file and had my Internet Explorer open with that. I am sure that I am not the only person in the Microsoft Universe to have done this as it really simplifies one's navigations. Microsoft Edge will not permit me to do this. I understand that it is a work in progress. Is this option being considered for the future?

So, Microsoft experts, what are my options. How can I solve this for now? I have a website of my own. If I create a page purely for my own use, would that work? Or is there another format that I can use?

Thank you

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MarySweeney replied on
No. I am not flexible. I want to be able to design something that works for me, not have to puddle along with something that doesn't assemble what I want. The customer is always right. I don't need a product. I need tools. If I have to, I will design a new webpage on my website which will be for my eyes only and will do what I want, but there are many who do not know how to design a webpage, but who could create a document in Word with their links in whatever assemblage they would like. Very disappointing.
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