How to: Rip a Audio Disc in Windows 10 using Windows Media Player

Technical Level : Basic

Windows 10 still includes the Windows Media Player Juke Box, which you can use to play and manage your media. You can also use it to rip audio disc. Here is how you do it.

Insert the audio disc.

Launch Windows Media Player

How to locate and open Windows Media Player in Windows 10

Click the Audio disc in the left pane of the Windows Media Player, then click the Rip CD button at the top of the window.

If you are running a 'N' version of Windows 10, you will need to install the Media Feature Pack, in order to use Media Player.

Microsoft had updated it for the November Update, you can download from the following link:

The option/tab @Rip CD' does not appear on my version of Windows Media Player!
I have no Rip CD option on my music toolbar.
There in no way that this is the best explanation that you guys could come up with.
You **** ****, what kind of **** useless explanation is that? **** you all and your **** software.  

Or how about you realize its the year 2020 and your playback programs should recognize all music formats. 

Sheesh, a multi million dollar company can't figure out what VLC has accomplished. 

Good work

Mine didnt either until I fully extended the window.  Maximize the window and see if it appears toward the left side.

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