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I had IE9 Beta installed (64 bit) but wanted to get away from the beta cycle so I removed IE9 beta and wanted to install normally. Every time I try to install IE9 via windows update it returns Code 3715 as the error code (and all the searching I do has found no responses. If i download the installer and run it manually it errors out as well (although no error codes are shown)...



Hi dprozorov,

Follow the steps given below to fix this issue:

Method: 1

Set the computer in clean boot, and then try to install IE 9.

To set the computer in clean boot follow the steps from the below mentioned link:

How to perform a clean boot

After checking in clean boot, follow step: 7 from the article to reset the computer to normal mode.

Method: 2

Download IE 9 from the following link and save it on your local disk and then try to install IE 9 from the setup file.

Method: 3

Still if you have trouble in installing IE9, follow the troubleshooting steps from the following link

Troubleshoot problems when you cannot install Internet Explorer 9

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