'Windows Update' 1903 failed with error code 0x8007000e

This article is Only regarding error 0x8007000e, on a Device being offered Feature Update 1903 via Windows Updates.

Note: 'Windows Feature Update 1903' is not being offered via Windows Update to all Devices.

A supposition:

As 1903 is made available to the Devices by Microsoft via Windows Updates, I believe it should be able to be installed normally, if the system is up-to-date with MFG updates (without using a work around).

Suggested Solution:

1. Perform recommended MFG updates (with the Manufacturer's Updater app, or from the MFG's Support Webpages).

2. Temporarily remove 3rd party AV software. (if any)

3. Perform Windows Updates.


The update fails with error code 0x8007000e.  The video display was briefly distorted, after attempting to install via Windows Updates.

Example of suggested solution working:

Solution on a Dell Inspiron 23 Model 5348

Windows Update returned error 0x8007000e , and video whacked out briefly when opening other apps, with Display going to Basic; after trying to install 1903 via Windows Updates.  After Reboot, Video returned to normal, but Windows Update still returned 0x8007000e. Rebooted again.

There were no video updates available.

Ran the Dell SupportAssist  (Dell's updater applicable to this model);  2 updates were available:  Bios update to A12, and O2 Micro OZ777FJ2 Card Reader Driver.

Installed the recommended MFG updates, and 1903 installed successfully via Windows Updates.


Even if set to auto-install updates, a Manufacturer's Updater (i.e. Dell SupportAssist, Hp Support Assistant, etc) may pause on a Bios update.

Running the Mfg's updater to check for All missing recommended MFG updates (manually) (especially before a Windows Feature Update, if possible) can solve this situation.  It will also help identify the exact model and serial number of a Device to use to verify with the MFG's webste for drivers available.

Installing recommended MFG updates can help with the Safety and Security of a device and/or can improve Software/Hardware compatibility. 

Do not use a 3rd party updater.

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