Windows Management Instrumentation - causing massive freeze, stutter & system overall slowdown.

Hey there,

It took me 14 hours today to debug this issue on my brand new system. The system goes as follows: AsRock Z390 Phantom Gaming iTX/ac, Core i9 9900k, 32 GB DDR4 3000 MHz XMP RAM, RTX 2080Ti, Samsung 970 Pro 512 GB [OS - Windows 10 Pro Genuine], Samsung 970 Evo 2TB and PSU is SilverStone SFX-L Titanium SX800-LTI 800W, all is under mid-ranged water cooling from Aquacomputer and EK-WB, running on Dell Alienware 35 something something 2560 x 1080p display, meaning I'm no 4k guy juicing my PC. That said, the PC is a state of art HW, shouldn't have any issues of any kind whatsoever. I'm running newest BiOS on my motherboard [P1.50] and...

After 14 long hours of debugging today, I found out that service called Windows Management Instrumentation is causing massive freezes, stutters and slowing down everything. When I move window in Windows Explorer, the cursor of the mouse "sticks" to the upper part of the windows, and I can move "another" cursor while the window is slowly moving like in slow motion.

Also, opening My Computer, or any folder shared via SMB from my server is taking ages. Start works slowly, everything is terrible.

When I disable in msconfig, or services.msc the Windows Management Instrumentation, I'm getting what I paid for. Fluent, near-light speed experience. As soon as I enable the WMi, hell breaks lose on my computer.

Is this a known issue of Windows 10 Pro, 1809, Build 17763.379? Or is it something "at my side" and HW/FW specific?

Also there's absolutely no high CPU usage, nor GPU usage, nor SSD, network, or any other usage. Everything runs up to 10-15% and hovers around 0%. It's just slow.

Please advise

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//edit 1: I tried leaving it enabled, manually running it [it starts automatically] and it shows errors to literally every single process it works with in an Event Viewer log. The only way how I can use PC normally for now is to disable it completely, where Eset isn't working well with it disabled :/


Hey there dear Rohit Raina

I was debugging this issue yesterday for 14 hours, today for 3 and I found it. WMi was incorrectly bridging communication among Eset Internet Security & Malware Bytes Premium, putting my system into turmoil. After uninstalling of MBAM, everything runs buttersmooth.

Your's was one of my first steps, although, it didn't point out to the problem. What did was trying to reset the WMi repo.

By running elevated/run as admin cmd/powershell I went through these somewhere in the half of the whole process:

1. winmgmt /verifyrepository This one told me there's nothing wrong with my WMi repo.

2. winmgmt /salvagerepository

This one told me again there's nothing wrong with my WMi repo.

3. winmgmt /resetrepository

This one told me that iP Helper & MalwareBytes services cannot be stopped. This happened in normal mode [NOT safe mode, there it simply deletes the repo, it works for one restart and that's that, back in the circle of doom of slowness].

That's what got me thinking, since Eset Internet Security, Samsung Magician and about 20 other programs which were giving out erros in event viewer, might be the culprit, since they're both AVS/AMS. [Antivirus System, Antimalware system].

Today at work I confirmed it my my mind and at home, I ran my OS without WMi service running, uninstalled the MalwareBytes Premium via Revo Uninstaller, restarted the OS, started the WMi via msconfig, and did a few restarts.

Well, the PC is blazing fast, immensly so.

Thank You kindly for Your reply, I appreciate it a lot.

With kind regards


P.S.: Temps on my SSDs and in whole system went 10°C down. Wow, what a mess :). If I may, this is a bug on the Malwarebytes side, or Microsoft side in their WMi service? My SSDs were idling at around 45 - 50°C and so was the motherboard and CPU :/.

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