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Hi Nathan,

             Thank-You for the heads up. I think we could use a place like this. Looks very informative and I hope there is a place for a water cooler area... :)


This is a fabulous idea that is diminished by complicated and totally unnecessary awards.
Not affiliated in any way with Directly or their Independent Advisors.

This is a fabulous idea that is diminished by complicated and totally unnecessary awards.

I agree with your comment regarding awards.

Not so sure though that it's really helpful for help-seekers (consumers) to be presented with multiple forums.

I'd wish that Microsoft wouldn't make it so difficult for the normal average user/'consumer' of Microsoft products to find valid and up-to-date documentation in consumer-friendly language.

When one just wants to quickly read up on something one can be sure to spend hours trying to find adequate, up-to-date, conclusive and consumer-friendly info by Microsoft.

If one finds it at all.........

Just my opinion....

Hi Nathan,

            I had a day to look over the new site and from what I can see this New Community will defiantly aid the Microsoft user/consumer. However I do Have a couple of questions that hopefully you or another can Please help me with.

1 : Is this community similar to our community here. That is, FREE of cost Like Here?...

2 : I could not find the "COC" anywhere. I'm assuming it is the same or similar to the COC here?.. 

3 : I see you sign in with your MS Account. Can I edit my profile Name (That will be Seen On The Public Posting Area) without changing the  Actual name I have on my MS Account?... 

I realize this is a new site and probably change some things around as time goes by.  

I Thank You In Advance For all Your Help

Hi, Leprechaun J

It is absolutely free,

the CoC is similar on all MS sites,

you may change your display name.

Hi, Smeed

It is a place where people can meet, discuss and get info about Windows.

It is no support forum.

Not meant only for help seeking people, but all interested.


Please do not lick the monitor!
Bitte nicht am Monitor lecken!

Hi Stefan,

          Thank-You Very much for the information. You said exactly  what I was hoping for. I believe that this kind of site has been a Long Time coming, and defiantly needed. However like others have said here, the Awards is a bit much and Not needed at all. But after all, this is just the pilot program and hopefully will grow and become as Great as our site here is. I couldn't give you a Answered reply but you defiantly received a UP VOTE. 

Hope to see you all there...


Thanks, Stefan. You are the best! :)
Awards can help you grow your presence on the site and just make the experience a bit more fun for everyone. :)

Awards can help you grow your presence on the site and just make the experience a bit more fun for everyone. :)


Hi Shavkat,

          Thank-You for the update. Hope to see you all there.. :)

Yes, see you there, Leprechaun J! And let me know if you have more questions. :)