Q: Windows 7 BlueScreen BAD_POOL_HEADER 0x00000019

I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 that has Windows 7 Professional on it, and in the last few weeks it has been BSODing for me, giving me this Error Code:


and then it gives me these addresses:

0x00000019 (0x00000021, 0xFE898000, 0x00003830, 0xFE89B870)

I've tried I full Thorough System Diagnostic through the BIOS, I've tried CCleaner to clean the Registry, I've tried Windows Memory Diag, and am currently attempting a System Restore.  Last time I tried a system restore, it didn't work either.  Does anyone have any idea of how I can fix this problem?



Well, I wiped the hard drive and reinstalled Windows... It seems to have fixed the problem... :P

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Sorry this didn't help.

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