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I occasionally get a blue screen after upgrading to windows 7 64 bit. i did a full clean install. the code i am getting on the blue screen is

Stop: 0x0000000a (0xfffff6800030f9e0, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000, 0xfffff80002cde1e2). can anyone advise of what i need to check?



Note that memory that passes tests is not necessarily  good memory - it just hasn't failed a test.  Consider systematically eliminating RAM from the system - run with a couple of  modules for a while, and see how things go. Then try the other modules. Run with a subset of RAM modules to try to isolate/identify if one may be contributing to the behavior you're experiencing.  Also, test each module, in each slot, independently, with a memory tester to see if that turns anything up.

You have a variety of stale drivers that may have compatibility issues. Update them, or uninstall them or the software they came with:


MarvinBus64.sys 9/23/2005 

mdmxsdk.sys 6/19/2006 

speedfan.sys 9/24/2006 

PxHlpa64.sys 3/12/2008 

LMIRfsDriver.sys 7/14/2008

sensorsview32_64.sys 7/26/2008

CAX_DP.sys 2/13/2009 

CAX_CNXT.sys 2/13/2009 

CAXHWBS2.sys 2/13/2009 

XAudio64.sys 4/29/2009 

nvstor64.sys 6/22/2009 

You may also wish to try driver verifier -   To enable Driver Verifier... start->verifier.exe->OK->Create standard settings- >Next->select driver names from a list->Next->sort by Provider->select all non-Microsoft drivers->Finish, and OK your way out  of the dialog.

Then, reboot and use the system as you normally would, and wait for a problem.  In the event that the system does not boot  completely after enabling driver verifier, boot into Safe Mode and run driver verifier, and tell it to delete the changes.

Wait for a bugcheck to occur after enabling verifier as described, and then upload it to your SkyDrive, and provide a link.


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