Windows 10 Killed my motherboard.

My PC (Gigabyte GA-Z77M-D3 & Intel i7 CPU) has been working fine with the Windows 10 upgrade since  a month. Today (31/Aug 2015) I tried with the boot manager to start from an old XP HD (it was working with Win 8.1). As it didn’t work I changed the BIOS default from SATA to AHCI. Still no luck and suddenly it was starting from the Win 10 HD saying that it was attempting Automatic Repair. Since then all went wrong. The PC turns ON and OFF without the screen for 4-5 cycles then on the 6 ot 7 cycle I got the BIOS screen but couldn’t enter BIOS settings (Del) even with a PS2 keyboard, following this I could see the gigabyte dual bios UEFI logo on the top and nothing else. I tried resetting times the BIOS (Clr CMOS & battery off) many times, removed all cards, new RAM, new PS and now it won’t even start the power supply.

I AM CONVINCED WIN 10 CORRUPTED THE BIOS/UEFI SETTINGS. I will try to get my motherboard re-flashed/repaired.

(I have read some post with the same issue)

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I was asleep and so was my computer (Win10 already installed).  I was woken up by the sound of my computer coming to life on it's own but I fell back asleep thinking the cat had stepped on the keyboard.  Then woke up when the computer made a soft whirring sound and turned itself off.  I thought... oh no... automatic updates happened even though I tried setting it to not do that when it's sleeping.  Next day I awoke, got my coffee, turned on my computer... it's totally dead.  No Bios.  Nothing.  Power supply working... nothing else.  I grabbed my tablet and learned that I am the victim of the November Branch auto upgrade that fries motherboards like a hungry monster.  I tried disconnecting everything... graphics card, harddrive... the whole works...  I put in the original power supply that came with the computer (not as strong but rated ok). None of those were the issue.  It's the motherboard... it's fried.  I need my computer for my business.  I had to buy a new computer because it's cheaper than paying to replace the MB... because that's where I draw the line at my computer repair skills.  I'm out $1k plus loss in sales for a week of not having all the programs on my computer.  I don't know how much other stuff I lost yet.  I'm only novice at computer repair.  I don't feel Microsoft should force me into spending hundreds of hours learning to repair everything and tracking down everything I lost and buying data recovery software and on and on and on...  I can't do all that.  I just can't.  I was backed up to OneDrive for most of my data but recent stuff I was currently working on had to be started over from scratch.  I have 4 designs that still are being published that would have already been online for sale.  So I have no idea how much money I actually lost on Windows 10 frying my motherboard by itself while I was asleep.  

You can attack people for not backing up.  You can attack people for agreeing to EULA or whatever.  You can attack people for choosing to upgrade or whatever.  But you cannot attack me for being asleep and having Windows 10 wake up my computer, install November Branch by itself, and then take it upon itself to try to flash my bios or whatever and fry my motherboard while I'm asleep.   I'm not the only one.  In fact... it's happening everywhere.  My husband was initially blaming me and angry until a co-worker heard him griping about paying for a new computer and told him the EXACT same story that happened to me happened to him.... exactly... in his sleep... motherboard dead.  My gaming system that got fried was a good computer... 1 yr old... it was an i7 4.0 mhz with 12 gigs RAM and GTX 740 graphics.  My warranty had just expired on it 2 months ago.  

MS owes me a computer.  That's all I know. 

I just went through the same exact problem!  Automatic update of Windows 10, then the endless loop, then it turned itself off and now no power!  Tech told me the motherboard was fried.  Tried everything to turn on the power, but to no avail.  My warranty expired a few months ago.  I too feel that Microsoft should be responsible to replace the laptop with a comparable one.  Customer service was of no help.  Got a guy in India who could not help me.  When I asked to speak to a supervisor he said "he wasn't in" and that he would have him call me back in 10 minutes.  That was hours ago.  Never heard from them!  Don't know where to turn to next.
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Very nice add insults to injury :/
Mcafee/Norton/IOBit security should not be Installed on a functioning computer=FreeAdvice

On the contrary: When I make a mess with my computer, or when I realize I'm in way over my head, I'm not ashamed to admit it and ask for help. That approach has earned me lots of helpful answers.

What I don't do is blame Microsoft for my own lack of knowledge. That's like the guy who's a lousy dancer complaining that the band doesn't know how to play.

Just a regular guy, with no fancy titles or boasts.

Or maybe is it that you (BuldogXX)  haven't had this problem to know about it? 

I certainly know enough about computers and electronic in general to test all components, reset and re-reset a MBO and declare it dead. What I might not know (and I am not interested in knowing) is how the new Windows (Microsoft) boot and write some code in the "BIOS/UEFI", or other MBO memory. This can and HAS gone wrong, "killing" the MBO or at least requesting it to be sent back to the manufacturer to be re-flashed, or at least reset a way that is not accessible to field computer tech.

But please don't abuse victims without knowing the full story!

Yep that is a saddest part you should know better.
Mcafee/Norton/IOBit security should not be Installed on a functioning computer=FreeAdvice

I don't know if Microsoft will admit this or even knows why this is happening. I have upgraded 5 computers to windows 10.

Only one is working correctly.

One has had errors requiring me to edit registry.

One is still in need of a fix, start menu does nothing, which I have not had time to deal with. 

And finally I have two computers that completely got hammered by windows 10. I trouble shot them to the motherboard. It totally blew the post process and nothing appears to work but the fan.

No video at all. I isolated the motherboard to a test board (plywood with plastic posts for testing) with a known working power supply and monitor.

Both boards no longer work. Both boards failed within 2 days of updating with windows 10.

Both systems had Intel chipsets and Nvidia video cards, Intel processors I3 and I5.

Any Ideas?

Did you get this resolved?  I had this motherboard and had the same issue.  The fix for me was to flash the BIOS.  It resolved that issue and also a problem with the power to USB (mouse would quit working, etc.)

I had the same issue with a MSI mobo and i5.  One Win7, Win10.

It was not the OS causing a hardware problem, but was instead an incompatibility with an older BIOS and a newer OS.

Yes this issue has been resolved by re-flashing it at the factory as the MOBO wasn't responding at all.

Luckly for me it was still under warranty and has cost me only the freight, and two weeks of down time.

Same thing happened to me. I also make a living off of my computer and Windows 10 forced itself onto my computer no matter how many times I tried to say no. Now I'm waiting to get my motherboard back from asus. I know people are going to be quick to say "Windows can't cause hardware malfunction." But if you look into it, apparently Windows 10 is doing something;

Normally I would agree and tell people they were crazy for thinking Windows could cause a motherboard failure. But it's happening to so many people. Me twice. 

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