Windows 10 is full of bugs.

Lets face it windows 10 is a flop!

I have had nothing but problems and features I do not need.

Customizing the display is not as easy as older versions nor does it look as good.

Video was "stuttering" and I had a small unique problem I had to find on my own after spending many days searching for a solution.

Now the video problem is fixed I have had issues with sound not working at all unless I am using the test button in the sound control panel.

Windows 10 is not as good as windows 7.

Please feel free to post your list of issues with windows 10 in the comments.

How did you solve the stuttering problem?  I have the same problem. 

I agree.  Since I installed the most recent update I have had nothing but trouble. 

My video stutters as well. How did you fix it please?

No DVD. No game play. Computer unable to handle Win 10 despite being told it could.

Effin MS. Thinking seriously about litigation.

After doing much of the advice I found online and finding none of that worked. I did some digging in my flash player and found some old drivers that did not get upgraded.  There are some online tools to help you explore what drivers you may need to upgrade to suit windows 10, however your problem may be different so I cant be certain this will work for you.

Good luck and let me know if you decide on moving forward with litigation.

My Issues

-SD card reader is now not functional (something I use quite a bit)

-Ipod classic will now not synch with itunes (something I use quite a bit)

-have spend numerous hours with various microsoft techs and apple support on the phone trying to solve these problems as these are two things I use the computer heavily for.

-I ran trouble shooter to try and fix sd card driver, it told me I had a problem with my mouse driver.  I clicked apply fix and mouse would not show up after (Its a microsoft wireless mouse 2000). Even after multiple restarts. Eventually leading me to reinstall Win 10 again which fixed the issue but now I'm afraid to run any updates or troubleshooters

-while trouble shooting with a tech remotely she created an account that somehow could not be deleted resulting in the inability to go back to windows 7 so I had to reinstall win 10 with .iso file which now means I can't go back to Win 7 without doing a full system restore with my original disks, which I'm afraid to do at this point

-could not open word files.  tech had to remotely reassociate files with program to be able to open documents

-numerous blue flashing screens when booting computer up, resulting in me doing a hard restart multiple times just to get the computer booted, so now I'm afraid to turn it off.

-netflix app doesn't work.  I just get F1 error code.

-I'm sure there are some things I am forgetting.  It has been a long week of trying to get my computer functional after this "upgrade".  What a joke.  Wish I could bill microsoft for my time as a professional troubleshooter, which seems to have been my job this week.  

Several months ago upgraded my HP Pavilion Desktop to W10 from W8.1. On another thread on here I catalogued the errors I had which included

No Sound.

Intermittent Net Connection

Frequent Blue Screen crashes.

Sky Go did not work.

After conversations with Microsoft in the Phillipines (useless) and HP (more helpful), I reverted back to 8.1 which in itself was not straightforward. Eventually with assistance from HP I had to "factory reset". Since reverting everything has been working fine. I frequently get the message asking me to upgrade again, are they having a laugh or what?

Last week a friend got himself a similar machine to mine with of course W10 already installed. He does not have the same problems as I had but things just do not work. A John Lewis engineer is coming out next week to sort it out for him.

I think Microsoft should be sued for this shambles and should hang their heads in shame for releasing this pile of junk!

Windows 10 is not as good as windows 7.

Please feel free to post your list of issues with windows 10 in the comments.

Nope, its better, if I go onto a Windows 7 machine now it feels like a definite backwards step.

Sorry to disappoint, no issues to add to comments, I have a tablet, 2 laptops and a desktop PC at home all running it happily, synced between each other, all good!  Have used it professionally since release (and testing on insider builds before that) and not had a problem, well other than the odd niggle which you get on any OS, Windows 7 included!

Windows 10 Is slooooow.

Who's Gonna Sue Microsoft Already!


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