Windows 10 Install Bug verified

It seems if your motherboard BIOS (AMD or Intel) allows you to set a date of 1-19-3001 or beyond, Windows 10 1909 will not finish installing, but locks up during the second reboot of the installation process. 

Furthermore, if the BIOS date is changed, and you restart the computer in an attempt to complete the install of Windows 10, guess what happens next? Windows 10 freezes again and when you check your BIOS date, you’ll find Windows 10 automatically puts the incorrect BIOS date back in your BIOS! If you change the motherboard, then attempt to restart from the failed install, the install will once again freeze and set the incorrect installation date back into the new motherboards BIOS!

So, after you’ve replaced every single piece of hardware (even a new motherboard!), your BIOS date will go back to the install date if you keep reattempting to boot off the SSD/HDD.

You must FIX the BIOS date FIRST, then restart the computer from the Win10 install media, clear ALL the partitions on the drive you want to install Win10 on, then start the installation process over from scratch. If the BIOS date is set at 1-18-3001 or earlier, Win10 Pro 1909 will install without issues.

I made a video about it here. Verified on Intel and AMD motherboards (both from Gigabyte, both using latest BIOS version). Some motherboard manufacturers do not allow the BIOS date to go beyond 2099. And for those people, they will never experience this issue.

This all started when a customer decided to build their own computer using parts I recommend. They decided to save some money by purchasing an open-box Gigabyte H370 HD3 motherboard from Amazon. They built the computer correctly. They made no errors. They tried to install Windows 10 and it kept locking up. The customer replaced the motherboard, the RAM and the CPU and PSU and SSD. After hundreds of dollars, many hours of frustration, they called me.

Because the BIOS date on the open-box motherboard was set to 3029, Windows 10 locked up during installation. When the customer bought a brand new Gigabyte H370 HD3 motherboard and disassembled and re-assembled  his system, he tried to boot off the SSD with the failed Win10 install, which then set the new motherboards BIOS date back to 3029!!!!! Also verified on Gigabyte x570 Aorus Elite.

Video demo here:

Seems like three lines of code of Win10 could check the system date against the windows install file creation date to issue a warning to the user that could have prevented this nightmare!

Also, at the bottom of the BIOS screen on the Gigabyte boards, it lists the maximum date range as 2099, but does NOT enforce it. 


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Hi Carey,
you may send feedback to Microsoft thru Feedback Hub. Users have no Other channel for bugs passing unfortunately.
Personally I do not believe this bug will be fixed soon if it will be fixed at all because this situation is very untypical.
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Hi Igor,

There are huge potential security exploits here. To excuse it as 'untypical' will often result, in time, of it becoming 'typical' from black hats. Hence, I am reporting it. If I tell you to get out of the road because a car is coming, and you say cars never come down this road, what happens next is beyond my ability to assist you any further.

I think we can all agree that being proactive is easier, cheaper and much more efficient than being reactive. But to each his own.

It's just my problem today?

And you think its going to stay that way forever?

Once you or someone you know are affected by it, I imagine you will change your perspective rather quickly about how 'untypical' it truly is. Little bugs like these are often the earliest indicators of a potential and serious security erosion that cold completely collapse once fully exposed.

I'm sorry, I cannot be affected with this bug because I rarely assembles PCs and always set date and time in BIOS.
If you believe this is security issue you may report is as described at
if you'll find someone's post helpful, mark it as an answer and rate it please. This will help other users to find answers to their similar questions.

Something to keep in mind, but is the user setting a errant date so far in the future or is the machine doing it?  

If the user is doing it, why?

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The ignorance displayed in this response is beyond belief. Someone made a simple typo and the BIOS did NOT enforce the rules. Computers are supposed to help humans, not the other way around.

This cost the customer over $700 and over 2 weeks of lost productivity and indescribable frustration from many other technicians and vendor and manufacturer support who COULD NOT ISOLATE THE PROBLEM! A problem that should not exist and is easily preventable by developers in 2020. This isn't 1991 any more. 

This is not limited to "assembled or built" computers. I had the same problem w/ my Dell XPS.  I was able to update w/ the standalone Update - but it screwed up my battery power meter which now consistently tells me my battery is at 0%, but is healthy, AND screwed up PnP for all USB devices so that no new devices can be installed and I lost the function of my touchpad.  A COMPLETE NIGHTMARE, once again, created my microsoft who will do NOTHING for this problem.
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As explained to you by Igor Leyko when this conversation began: THIS IS A COMMUNITY OF MICROSOFT USERS NOT ENGINEERS OR DEVELOPERS.

If you wish to contact THEM you should be over here:


Here's a handy link to that site:

You can also try the Feedback Hub Button in your Apps section.


Rest assured Carey knows the appropriate MSFT channels for reporting.

He has great community spirit and as such responsibly reporting an issue affecting millions of customers that otherwise may not be brought to attention.

Please keep comments on-topic,


I have a older computer (2009)t shavingand have this same freeze but the bios does not change. It installs the  windows base with no internet connection second i restart with a internet connevtion this freeze starts. Ive tried pausing the updates even. Im was using a legitimate copy and now using the install filed downloaded from Microsoft. Im at a loss i i haven't had any ability to use my computer in several weeks since i upgraded to the latest windows update