well windows 10 and a DigiLand DL801W table... BROKEN TOUCH SCREEN!


dont say downgrade the touch drive. i tryed that, it doesnt work. i think the damn table's touch **** is made to brake when u put windows 10 on it. its not even a glass touch screen is a lil **** thin plastic touch screen. hell i cant even calibrate it to fix it... 

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NVM i **** broke it, what did i learn? $70 tablet r ****! and the ppl the do the drivers for it r **** coders. turns out its a glass screen but its ****. oh windows 10 is out right ****. hell atleast windows 8.1 ran on that peace of **** tablet

I have the same problem. I thought it was just me.  I was so happy that I was able to finally upgrade by restoring to factory, downloading the .iso to the SD card and then mounting the ISO. Now, the screen does not work but, I was able to use an OTA cable and attach a keyboard and mouse. So, for now I put it aside until the drivers get updated.

I am also exactly in the same boat. Touch screen is not behaving properly to the touches as shown in the video by tankball. But also the video gave a good clue that OTG cable and mouse would help navigate and install any updates as needed. Thanks tankball for that.

I see manufacturer, Digi-land, have added some drivers to their support page. Try that if you haven't.

Link http://www.digi-land.net/En/Photo_Show.asp?InfoId=497&ClassId=38&Topid=39
Click SUPPORT Tab on that page to see the drivers.

(There are two support tabs on the page try the one in the below section for DL801W.

i.e. Intro > Specifications > Support )

I will also try when I get my OTG cable. ETA Friday EOD.

Until then I hope someone finds this useful and tries and updates this thread :-D

I tried it and the drivers work! Make sure to restart after copying the file. It's a much better tablet now.

Thats awesome !!! Nice to know that ChrisB10TXT.

Where you able to use OTG cable and mouse initially on setup screen i.e. when you get to select the language, timezone, login user name etc?

or you have to get to desktop first and only then windows 10 recognized the mouse ?

Hello. I was able to use the OTA cable during setup. It works upon booting the tablet. You can access the BIOS this way too.

Thanks Chris. was also able to fix Touch with the driver.

Tablet works!! now with Windows 10

I was able to upgrade my other DL801W without any touch issues. only difference with the setup was i chose "keep files and settings" initially with the media creation tool.


I attempted the reinstall Windows 10 again and this time my original driver directory is gone. Can you someone please provide these two files from their system32/drivers folder?


It would be greatly appreciated.



Hey Chris,

You can download them from this link.

let me know if it helped.

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