Toshiba does not support my laptop for Windows 10 installations

Windows says my computer is ready to download. Toshiba say don't do it. We are not supporting those drivers. What happens when people don't see Toshiba warnings, and download anyway?

I posted here before under "Why can't I install Windows 10".

The problem is that Toshiba does not support my computer model for a Windows 10 upgrade. I was suggested to look for the drivers offered from Toshiba. Toshiba is not going to offer any drivers updates for my computer version after the upgrade to 10. Bennor offered some suggestions that may be helpful, but they are really a bit complicated for me. Besides, I really don't think that I should have to for a technical degree, just because Microsoft decides to upgrade their stuff every few months. It is absolutely ridiculous

Now the day is near. So how can that be that I will be left behind because Toshiba decides not to support my machine and deny me the needed drivers, and now  I can't get the Microsoft Upgrade.

My Toshiba Laptop Satalite P845t-S4305 Purchase Dec 2012 is not in this Toshiba list"

What do I do now? I  was hoping something had changed by now, and that I would be able to upgrade, even though by doing it , I  would be loosing 1 or 2 software I use all the time. I would have to replace them to work with W10, which is another long story. AFGGHHHHH!


When the mfg of a machine says don't do it believe them, and consider yourself lucky to have been warned.

Personally, I wouldn't consider 'upgrading' any machine that does not have Win10 specific motherboard and

graphics drivers.

There are heaps of posts on these forums from people who insisted beyond reason to push Win10 onto a

machine that is not suitable for Win10 ( admittedly generally older than yours, which if it were not a laptop

would probably have suitable drivers. My PC motherboard from '12 does. Laptops are king of the hill for e-waste).

And for what ? The Store ? Cortana ? Because it's 'free' ?

They are willing to possibly loose performance and deal with on going issues for a couple of new 'features'

and a lot of bloatware (any new feature you don't use ) ?

Then when things get unstuck they find themselves here wondering why.

- Nothing that changes with Win10 will change the fact that Toshiba do not intend producing drivers for Win10.

Regarding the next big change in Win10. There will be nothing in relation to making it more compatible with older

hardware. If anything Win10 will move further away from older hardware over time.

- When thinking of pushing Win10 on to any machine carefully consider Murphy's Law.

Further to that. You have software that you say will not be compatible. MS will be supporting Win8.1 for a long time

yet, so unless there is something on Win10 you really, really need, why change ?

- On a more positive note ...

- If you make a clone of your current OS to an external HDD you will have a fail safe option for going

back to your current OS if you find Win10 is going to have issues or you don't like it.

Sure, you can 'roll back' but the danger of a borked OS rolling back is greater than doing the 'upgrade', and

there is no guarantee of a smooth upgrade.

You will have to put in  lot of hours over the next few weeks though, because you will have to decide before

Win10 gets locked in permanently.

Win10 will run on a machine that does not have updated drivers, but how well depends partly on

what you do with the machine. And the Win8.1 drivers for you machine may work well with Win10 ?

If you use software or games that put a decent load on the cpu and graphics you are more likely to have issues than

if you only do documents or internet surfing, but yeah! Give it a go, if you have the time.

(btw - AOEMI call cloning - migrate )

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