Storage Spaces, Win 10, Can't Add new drive, error 0x00000032

I can't add a new drive to the Storage Pool.

The Pool has 11 Disk from 3.63 to 2.72 GB, the one I want to add just have 1.81 GB.

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Resetting faulty disk did help to re-attach fixed disk.

I'll remind - I've removed 1 disk from RAID5 array, fixed it (hopefully), but could not re-attach it back.

Necessary steps to re-attach:

1) Run CMD as Admin

2) run "powershell" command

3) In the powershell get list of your disks with names/ids:

Get-PhysicalDisk | ft FriendlyName, SerialNumber, UniqueId -auto

You'll get a list like this:

PS C:\Users\Admin> Get-PhysicalDisk | ft FriendlyName, SerialNumber, UniqueId -auto

FriendlyName              SerialNumber         UniqueId
------------              ------------         --------
Samsung SSD 960 EVO 250GB    0025_3851_71B0_F458. eui.0025385171B0F458
ST2000LM015-2E8174                 WDZ24LXS             {90dbac25-f5dd-ea00-8e51-4ca8414aa21f}
ST2000LM015-2E8174                 WDZ27TPY             {b7f23aa9-b6bb-c5b0-3ab7-0719def510e8}
ST2000LM015-2E8174                 WDZ28NJK             {b9bea270-c3b6-0f9c-2759-3d6d0631e40b}
ST2000LM015-2E8174                 WDZ27943             {e0996a91-1e6a-f88d-c339-83963c369e1d}

4) Reset problematic disk by FriendlyName or by UniqueId (only one command is needed as they do the same):

Reset-PhysicalDisk -UniqueId "90dbac25-f5dd-ea00-8e51-4ca8414aa21f"

In my case FriendlyName was the same for all disks, so I could not reset it by FriendlyName (it would break the RAID Storage), but you can rename disks in Storage Spaces one by one (e.g. "ST2000LM015-2E8174" to "Disk1", "Disk2"...), and then run:

Reset-PhysicalDisk -FriendlyName "Disk1"

5) Re-attach the disk to the Storage Space.

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