Since it is virtually impossible to download an uncorrupted Windows 10 how does Microsoft intend to distribute their software?

Windows 10 the most unreliable OS on the planet! I am disgusted with the sham workmanship on Windows 10 ! You recreate old solve problems because Microsoft wants top distribute its own SpyWare in the name of EDGE and Cortana...why else does it run when I never launch the damn things??? Its not on the startup list!

    Things like this suggest there are other motives to your subterfuge and to top it off Windows 10 can't get its own updates because the download is corrupted and You Guys can't fix it and I can't order a disc with Windows 10 on it because you're tooo damn lazy to make one!

    Windows 7 was lightyears ahead of your science experiment Windows 10 because it was stable. The  10 months I have tried to use my computer running Windows 10 have been nothing but torture Update after Update of bogus data that means nothing and does worse. You've installed the wrong AMD Video drive 4 times, What do you do with the AMD All In One driver? It appears you uninstall it and then try to reinstall it or something. Who knows???

    I had it running fine for about 2 weeks then Microsoft issued the wonderful 2004 Update complete with USB Dropout among other worthless items. That was an ancient problem with XP service pack 2&3, why was it necessary to repeat the problem? Could it be Edge or Cortana set it off monitoring USB port and other devices causing the USB wireless adapter to shut off and then come back on? We don't know because Microsoft won't tell use and has the volunteers read us the script MS provides even though it provides no solution ... Why does a Multimillion Dollar International Corporation like Microsoft depend on volunteers to assist users? Tooo cheap to pay people? 


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