Screen Saver suddenly stopped working (FIXED, SORT OF)

The screen saver on our computer was set to use 3D text, and was working without any problems; power setting was working also without any problems.

Now the screen saver does work, neither does the power settings.  No hardware has been updated, and the only update which occurred was:

    Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 7 for x86 based system (KB4056894)

I checked to make sure no changes had been made to the screen saver screen and found none.  I even checked the power settings and likewise found no changes.

I was looking in the wrong location in the Registry to make sure Screen Saver was set to active, but finally found the location and it was set to active--both in Admin and User accounts.


If the time setting for the screen saver is set to 5 minutes in either of the two accounts on our computer, the screen saver works as it should.  But resetting time back to 15 minutes and the screen saver stops working.



As stated in my original post, our home built system runs Windows 7 Ultimate.  One Sunday the screensaver was working as it should but seven days later, the following Sunday it wasn't.  This problem caused me to surf the web, trying to find a solution to the problem with the screensaver.  The following is everything I tried but did not fix the problem:

I checked the Registry to make sure Screen Saver Active was set to 1, and it was.  Also check any Power Management settings and they were also correct.

Checked GPedit.msc but since nothing was configured, there were no conflicts.

Ran cmd as administrator and performed both 'powercfg -requests', and 'sfc/scannow' but neither showed any problems.

Ran Windows Troubleshooter and it too showed no problems.

I ran through everything in Device Manager and made sure all drivers were up to date, which they were.  I even unchecked the box in the Ethernet adapter which lets that device wake up the computer; found this on the web.

Because we use Logitech devices, and Set Point, I downloaded Set Point again, uninstalled the one on the system, and reinstalled the new download.

Changed out one Logitech optical mouse for another Logitech optical mouse.

None of the above actions changed, or fixed the problem that was affecting the Screensaver.  But I did something out of curiosity which lead to something else which lead to the problem being fixed, sorta of.

Out of curiosity I opened the Task Manager and looked at the Processes tab.  Under that tab I found a file named Proxycheck.exe and it was up and running.  Because I didn't know anything about the file, I check the web and found out it might be a Malware and should be removed from the system with a good malware removal tool.  I found out most of it could be uninstalled through the Control Panel but not everything, folder included.  And as a couple of web sites said, a good malware removal tool was needed to remove this file completely.

Malwarebytes had always been good on our system so I once again downloaded it and ran it after it installed.  Upon it's completion, there were 44 things it didn't like and which I had the program quarantine.  I then let our system run and soon found out the Screensaver was running as it should.  Later when I check again, the display had shut off, as it should in one hour.  Checking on the system some time much later, I found the computer had gone to sleep, as it should in three hours.  The Screensaver and Power management was again working according to the settings within each one.

Which of the 44 items was the cause of my problem I can't say, I don't really care.  I care that one of them was monitoring the screen for changes and stopping the whole screensaver process.  And now it's not.  The Screensaver is once again working and Malwarebytes is again watching for garbage like that which was on our system. 

Maybe one of the first things which should be done by anyone with a Screensaver problem is to run a good malware removal tool first.  I know, now, that if I had I would have saved several days of unwanted searching for solutions which weren't the problem in the first place.

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