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I received a phone VM telling me to call a given number to receive a refund from Microsoft for $399.  I was suspicious, but called anyway.  They said this was a refund from Microsoft for a subscription that I had paid for in 2016 that was not compatible for my computer.  He told me to get in front of my computer, hit the windows start key, and to type in in the run window (DON'T DO THIS!).  I asked him if I did that what was going to happen?  He tried to convince me that it was all perfectly safe and that nothing "like that" ,i.e., "bad", was going to happen.  I said no and he had to tell me what was going to happen, or I wasn't going to do it.  He hung up.

After reading the other entries on this topic, I am sure this was a scam.  

It is a Scam.

Microsoft will never contact you with cold-calls, popups, etc.

This is the advice given to anyone who has any phone calls, etc. like this about Malware, License Expiry, etc.

And your machine does not send out messages to anyone saying that it has problems or is infected with Malware, etc.

We all have errors and warnings in our event viewer, which is another ploy they use to scare you

These so-called "Microsoft" Tech Companies either want to sell you worthless software, or gain Remote Access to your Computer to try and steal your Banking and Credit Card details and to also carry out an Identity Theft on you.

You are the only one who knows if you have given them Remote Access.

If you have given them Remote Access and if you do Internet Banking, contact your Bank, explain it to them and change Passwords.

If you use your Credit Card online, cancel it and get a new one issued to you.

And the only way that you willl know that you are free of them is to save your Data and do a clean install of your Operating System.


And Microsoft does not contact you, unless YOU have made prior arrangements with them to do so.

There is a section in the link I am supplying you about this at the end of it

Read this Microsoft Information:

"Avoid tech support phone scams"

Do not trust unsolicited calls. Do not provide any personal information.

Here are some of the organizations that cybercriminals claim to be from:

  • Windows Helpdesk

  • Windows Service Center

  • Microsoft Tech Support

  • Microsoft Support

  • Windows Technical Department Support Group

  • Microsoft Research and Development Team (Microsoft R & D Team)

Report phone scams



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