Right-click in navigation pane crashes due to NVIDIA Shell Extensions

Whenever I right-click a folder Windows Explorer's navigation pane, Windows Explorer would crash and restart.  From web searching, I learned to use ShellExView to find shell extension that was responsible.  From a process of elimination, I found that disabling the following shell extension fixed the problem:

   Extension Name: NVIDIA CPL Context Menu Extension
   Type: Context Menu
   Description: NVIDIA Display Shell Extension
   Product Name: NVIDIA Shell Extensions
   Company: NVIDIA Corporation
   Filename: C:\windows\system32\nvshext.dll
   File Extensions: Directory\Background

I'm sure that it isn't the only extension that causes this problem, but hopefully, this helps someone.

Note that the online info suggests only examining shell extensions that are not from microsoft.  That's what I did.  I found that it helped to sort the shell extensions by Company.

I had the same problem and I solved it using this:

1- Open Nvidia Control panel;

2- Go to "Desktop" on top menu;

3- Uncheck the options similar to "add context menu on the desktop" and "add Run with graphics processor on context menu"

It solved on my Windows 8.1 x64 with Nvidia Control Panel 8.1.770.0.





How do you fix it so I can continue to open the nvidia control panel from the desktop. I can shut off the NVIDIA control panel desktop context menu, either through nvidia drivers or shellexview, but then the control panel wont open from the desktop. I would like the ability to do and have the same problem as the original poster.
Carbon, this was so helpful. Had the problem on my work PC windows 10 and followed the simple steps in the Nvidia control panel. Thank you so much!
This does not work on win 10 unfortunately
Issue STILL persists, seems like we cant even get the most basics fixes in updates from Microsoft and Nvidia these days!

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