Problem with PIN “Something happened and your pin isn’t available.”

Hello! I got a blue screen last night and when my laptop turned back on, I tried to unlock it, but when I tried to enter the pin, I was welcomed with the message “Something happened and your PIN isn’t available. Click to set up your PIN again.” When I click the button “Set up my PIN”, it appears like it is loading, but then it just comes back to the original screen. My other option is to click “Sign-in Options” and select the option using my microsoft account password. I reseted my password using my phone as I couldn’t remember exactly the old one and tried to put the new one in and it says that the password is not correct. Also, in this tab, I have the option to select “I forgot my password”, but the same thing that happens when I click “set up my pin” happens in this case aswell. Also, in the bottom right corner it shows that my laptop is not connected to internet(and I can’t select any network). What can I do to fix the problem? Thank you. 


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