KB3035583 Installing Windows 10 using Windows Update?

Would you please tell me how to prevent the installation of KB3035583 in my computer and if it is already installed, how to remove it?  Also, are there other updates that we need to be concerned about that enable this behaviour?

KB3035583 now appears as an Important update in Windows Update and is checked which means it will be automatically installed if the user does not uncheck it.  If automatic update is set, it will install without intervention.

There are credible articles that say that Microsoft either has installed or will install changes to my computer that will enable Microsoft to use it as an advertising platform and then install Windows 10 without first obtaining an informed decision to do so.  I truly hope this is not true.

On behalf of my clients and their 162 Windows "consumer" computers, I must tell you that we do not grant Microsoft or any other vendor the right to do this.  When other Windows players do this, we regard it as malware and take great care to remove it.

Microsoft got to where it is today by selling Windows.  We have spent decades learning how to use Windows and billions of dollars buying Windows computers and Windows software.  We own these systems.  They are ours, not Microsoft's.

Windows Update has earned a huge trust.  We trust Microsoft to use Windows Update to keep our computers safe and secure.  When Patch Tuesday comes along we install all the updates that Microsoft says are "important."  We assume those to be either plugging a security leak or fixing a software error.

We all hope Windows 10 will be something we will want.  We will carefully review and consult trusted advisors before we install Windows 10.  We have seen Windows 8 and rejected it.  Windows 8 is a bad product we did not choose.  

Automatically installing Windows 10 on our computers would be a severe abuse of a well-earned trust.  Changing our computers to enable them to become advertising platforms is also an abuse.

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After a great deal of effort I found it much easier to go to control panel click programmes look for installed up dates

go down the list till you find KB3035583 right click uninstall

problem I have is Microsoft keep installing widows 10 reminders that I do not want, something has also been installed that prevents my home pages updating and stops me reading documents on outside websites like newspapers it also prevents me from using system restore or safe mode to route out this unwanted malware type update

this has become really annoying now and I would like it to stop,i am really not very good with computers so it takles me days to sort thing like this out,all the time becoming more and more annoyed

Does anyone out there know of a reliable alternative to windows ? I would love to know

Thanks Andy

First, turn off automatic updates.  That way they can not install more unless you allow it.

Second, it is likely that they have already downloaded a 6 Gigabyte file to your system

It sounds to me like Win10 has already downloaded to your PC.  If you are using windows 7, and have not installed win10 and do not want it, here is a procedure that I have used 9 times yesterday that worked.

  1. Change the Windows Update setting to NEVER

  2. Task Manager, processes, find and end GWX.exe

  3. Control Panel, Uninstall a program, View installed updates, WAIT a long time

  4. Now, enter KB3035583, uninstall it

  5. Restart the PC

  6. Disk cleanup, do the 2nd step for System -- this takes a while

  7. You should find a file there that is about 5 G.  It is the Win10 downloaded file

  8. Delete

  9. Restart

  10. The startup will take a long time while it finishes cleanup

Hi thanks for that ,im only a home user and don't use discs , I did find KB3035583 yesterday after my computer failed several times to system restore to an earlier date. KB3035583 was sited as why my system restore repeatedly failed ,it also wont go into safe mode( im running windows 8.1)I read that there is a Malware version of widows 10 being used by hackers/criminals, which is more likely to be my problem ,as it prevents me re booting I am very wary of these adverts for windows 10 and would not knowingly click on one ,as I said I am not very good with computers so i'll just keep trying to find a way to access this thing and remove it

Thanks for the reply

ATB Andy

Why does the update keep coming back? I have uninstalled KB3035583 from my computer numerous times and every time I shut my tower off and turn it back on the Windows 10 flag is back in my taskbar. I don't want 10 or the update and can't seem to stop the update from loading in my computer every time I turn it on.

I just discovered this myself.  The answer is that you must set Windows Update setting to NEVER. 

If you set windows update to never - your computer security shall be severally compromised  

If you set windows update to never - your computer security shall be severally compromised  

Surely not. Why can't you update manually, and select the updates you want to download?

I can not get past  KB3035583 inupdate's it just keep's down loading over and over again.Try'ed resetting but it just want stop even leaving it out of update's won't work and everyone I know andfix'ed or reload'ed all ready have there's.

Please re-read my instructions and follow them precisely.  You need to set Windows Update to NEVER.  If you do not do this, it will download repetitiously.

Uninstall these updates,  I'm not sure about the last one with "*" but I am waiting to find out more about it, first.  These were sent to my Win 7 machine.  I never signed up for the "insider' thing.  Some of these updates were disguised a "Important' and "Security".  Be sure to turn off Automatic Updates and set it just to notify and decide.  The last update listed I refused because the "Terms of Use" for all updates have adopted the language of the Win 10 product.  Basically saying that they can do anything the want, spy, disabling you machine and copying anything that you have as it is now considered public domain.  So dear friends, it seem that choice and privacy are/will be gone for any MS system.  I'll keep fighting to stem the tide, but it is almost impossible to do.  Good Luck.  - Art

P.S. Disseminate this list to your friends!

KB2952664 Compatibility update for upgrading Windows 7
KB2990214 Update that enables you to upgrade from Windows 7 to a later version of Windows
KB3021917 Update to Windows 7 SP1 for performance improvements
KB3022345 Update for customer experience and diagnostic telemetry
KB3035583 Update installs get windows 10 app in Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 SP1
KB3068708 (replaces KB3022345) Update for customer experience and diagnostic telemetry
KB3075249 Update that adds telemetry points to consent.exe in Windows 8.1 and Windows 7
KB3080149 Update for customer experience and diagnostic telemetry
*KB3092627 September 2015 update to fix Windows or application freezes after you install  security update 3076895

Those who 'just roll with the punches' just keep getting punched. - Me (I call 'dibs' on copyright)

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