KB3035583 Installing Windows 10 using Windows Update?

Would you please tell me how to prevent the installation of KB3035583 in my computer and if it is already installed, how to remove it?  Also, are there other updates that we need to be concerned about that enable this behaviour?

KB3035583 now appears as an Important update in Windows Update and is checked which means it will be automatically installed if the user does not uncheck it.  If automatic update is set, it will install without intervention.

There are credible articles that say that Microsoft either has installed or will install changes to my computer that will enable Microsoft to use it as an advertising platform and then install Windows 10 without first obtaining an informed decision to do so.  I truly hope this is not true.

On behalf of my clients and their 162 Windows "consumer" computers, I must tell you that we do not grant Microsoft or any other vendor the right to do this.  When other Windows players do this, we regard it as malware and take great care to remove it.

Microsoft got to where it is today by selling Windows.  We have spent decades learning how to use Windows and billions of dollars buying Windows computers and Windows software.  We own these systems.  They are ours, not Microsoft's.

Windows Update has earned a huge trust.  We trust Microsoft to use Windows Update to keep our computers safe and secure.  When Patch Tuesday comes along we install all the updates that Microsoft says are "important."  We assume those to be either plugging a security leak or fixing a software error.

We all hope Windows 10 will be something we will want.  We will carefully review and consult trusted advisors before we install Windows 10.  We have seen Windows 8 and rejected it.  Windows 8 is a bad product we did not choose.  

Automatically installing Windows 10 on our computers would be a severe abuse of a well-earned trust.  Changing our computers to enable them to become advertising platforms is also an abuse.


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I am the originator of this discussion way back in April.  I have posted several times before in this very much participated discussion.  I would like to provide all of you with my latest recommendations on how to take control away from Microsoft and make it yours.  This process works!  I support 150 client computers.  Not a single one of them has the Win10 problem after this process is complete.  All are happily running Windows 7 computers AND do Windows updates manually once per month.  Here's how................

THIS PROCESS APPLIES TO WINDOWS 7.  I do not know if it will work for Windows 8(.1)


Prevent Windows 10

January 29, 2016

Microsoft has turned a decades-long respected process — Windows Update — into a malware distribution system.  It is for all intents and purposes forcing innocent and content Windows 7 computer users into “upgrading” to its new Windows 10 version.  It promises to allow return to Windows 7 within 30 days.  That return process is flawed and leaves your computer virtually unusable and requires re-installation of Windows 7.  For some owners without a re-usable Microsoft product key or a factory restore partition on their computers, it results in a useless thing that used to be a computer.

Windows 10 is a completely new and very different Windows.  Nothing like anything you have used before.

  1. It is primarily an advertising/sales vehicle.  That’s the keen motivation and reason it is free.
  2. By adopting Windows 10, you sacrifice any privacy — essentially, anything on your computer is Microsoft’s and its partner’s to use as they see fit.
  3. Windows Update becomes non-optional.  You, as owner of your system no longer have control over what happens to your computer.  Microsoft will re-make Windows (on your computer) into what serves its purposes without asking your permission or opinion.
  4. Windows 10 as a system is still full of un-fulfilled promises and bugs.  Many of your programs will not run on Windows 10.  In fact, the “upgrade” process removes some.

So, if you like Windows 7, and most do very much so, I advise you to reject Windows 10 for the foreseeable future.  Be advised that Microsoft has committed to support Windows 7 until at least January, 2020.  Most of your current computers will last that long.

You must adopt a protective stance to prevent your Windows 7 system from becoming something you do not want.

I advise my clients to change the Windows Update Setting to Never check for updates.  Once a month, on the 2nd Tuesday, they will get an email from me advising to manually start WU and then hide every update except for ones specifically labeled Security.  In other words, only security updates will be applied.  In all of 2015, not a single update that was not security, was something that improved Windows 7.


Some may scoff at this idea.  Well they are incorrect.  Never means you are never giving Microsoft a chance to decide what you download and install.  It does NOT mean you will never update.  The difference is that now you take control and the responsibility of updating of Windows and Office.

Some may believe that Microsoft would not do such a stupid thing.

You must read Woody Leonhard (one of the most respected writers in the trade)  http://www.infoworld.com/article/2983777/microsoft-windows/how-to-clean-the-windows-10-crapware-off-your-windows-7-or-81-pc.html?nsdr=true Woody calls the Windows 10 download “crapware.”  Woody’s advice is that if you have Windows 7, keep it, you are better off by far.

If you see the Windows flag on the bottom right of your screen, chances are pretty high, your computer already has the Win10 files. Even if you do not, it may be on your computer shortly anyway.  Here are instructions on how to rid yourself of it:

First download and run GWX Control panel.  A free app:  http://ultimateoutsider.com/downloads/


It will allow you to prevent any future operating system upgrades and delete downloaded Win10 files, but it will not remove any of Microsoft’s installed or attempts to install spyware.

This process works, but it only works if you do all the steps and do them in order.

  1. Take Windows Update off automatic — Never check for updates
  2. Windows Update, Installed updates, WAIT a long time till you see the green bar complete its long trip to the right
  3. Now, search for each of the listed updates, uninstall them.  You must wait until the list is re-created each time.
  4. If there are others you want to uninstall, click Later
  5. Then, clear the search box and after the list is again displayed, enter another KB number.
  6. Restart the PC.  It may take a long time to process this.

If you choose “check for updates, but let me choose whether to download and install them”, Microsoft will download “important” updates like KB3035583 to your computer.  It will be pre-checked — selected.  Unless you check Windows Update (WU) and discover this BEFORE you shut down, it will install it during the shut-down process.   Hiding accomplishes nothing.

This is more than annoying.  It goes way beyond that.  It is underhanded, dishonest and just plain wrong for Microsoft to do this.  There is no offer to accept or refuse.  There is no informed consent.  There is not even an idea of what it is your getting and what the result is if you change your mind.

List of updates that if already installed should be removed:


Since October, I have had Windows Update set to NEVER CHECK FOR UPDATES, as Canadian Tech advises.  I have restricted my updates to Security Updates and so far have not had a problem on two desktop computers, both running Win7.  I also have installed and updated GWX Control Panel and Spybot Anti-Beacon.

When the day comes that M$ misrepresents a Security Update in order to trick users into installing its malware, there may be the basis of a class action suit.  Regardless of other provisions of the EULA, the option to choose or not choose specific updates implies a reasonable expectation to not be tricked in that respect.

Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated on this.

Also, Happy New Year!!

wow. I read most of these comments and though about how much complaining is taking place with zero constructive discussion. I disagree wholeheartedly with the comments on not loading windows 10.

In my company of 3000 computers we are running 20% of them on windows 10 already. We hope to have completed upgrading the bulk of our devices before the cutoff date. Windows 10 is stable and more secure that all the operating systems before. In my opinion, you need to upgrade to windows 10. (1) - Its free temporarily. After that you will pay. Why would you want to not take advantage of a savings for yourself or your customer. (2). Its is more secure than windows 7./8/8.1. (3) - The windows update process in Windows 10 is better than what it is in the previous operating systems. Far less interruptions from updates. (4) - It keeps getting better. Don't you get that. All the previous versions of windows have been stuck from changing. Now we have an OS that keeps up with the times. That is after its been tested on 3 million insider devices. I doubt you did any testing on that scale. (5) The app store is great. Windows 7 has no app store.

Upgrade to windows 10 everyone. Don't disable the updates. You are missing out on a great experience.

Greg Hay

Opinions are like A***holes 

Everybody has one

Please re-read all the concerns that have been expressed here for answers to your questions.

And rememberm if it sounds too good to be true ( free ) , it probably is.

BTW -which division of Microsoft do you work for?

Let me help you with that, IT person.

There are people with computers (like me) or with perhaps specialist software (like me) for which the manufacturers are not going to issue Windows 10 drivers due the manufacturer having closed the division that made the item or having gone out of business or whatever.

That means that people with computers or software that perfectly serves their needs will now have Microsoft knowingly turn their computer into a piece of junk.

I understand that there are classes available that teach people how software works. Maybe you should try researching a subject before you air your opinions.

As mentioned. I don't work for Microsoft. I work for a retail company with 3000 computers. I have no skin in this.

Good to know you guys are objective and open to other peoples opinions. Especially ones that contradict yours.

My old man ran lotus 123 for many years and hated excel. He eventually upgraded to excel and regretted all the years he sat with Lotus 123. Suppose one day you guys will work it out.

Good luck with that.

Greg Hay

It's one thing to present a different opinion and back it up with facts or other reasonable arguments. It is quite another to tell everybody that they should do what you think is right for them simply because it is what you have decided is right for you, then pass off legitimate counter-arguments as closed-mindedness.

Most of us here have seriously considered the merits and drawbacks of Windows 10. I had actually been looking forward to it until I learned about the forced update policy. When Microsoft wants to give me a free device, I will treat it as theirs, accept their choices as to what is installed on it, and use it accordingly. As long as I buy the device I use, I will consider that I own it, and I will decide what is or is not download or installed on it. Period.

Oh, and I still use Lotus 123 (97), because it is still the best spreadsheet software ever made. I also use Excel, for files I have to share with others, because I don't expect everybody else to conform to my choices just because I think they are better ones.

I sincerely hope your retail company has a more respectful attitude towards its customers than your comments demonstrate you have (or expect Microsoft to have) for people capable of making their own consumer decisions.

You turned snotty pretty fast, and without having read all of the thread.

I work in a field that requires me to show objectivity and critical judgment.  I deal with Windows 10 with the same approach.  As for your claims:

(1)  You claim that because Win10 is free "temporarily," no one should pass up the savings.  But you do not know what the ultimate cost will be, or what form(s) it will take.  Accordingly, you have no way to know whether there will be net savings.  Those who say that there is no such thing as a free lunch and are not willing to be lured into a loss-leader trap are wary for good reason.  Your obliviousness to this risk, on the other hand, is a disservice to your clients.

(2)  You say Win10 is more secure than previous versions.  So far, no review that I have read demonstrates this, and a couple of reviews discounted it.  Your opinion is unsubstantiated. 

(3)  You say that the Win10 update process is "better" that previous versions, with fewer interruptions.  Since you do not explain why this is so, I must infer that it is because the update process is automatic and involuntary.  In other words, no one is bothering the user to ask his permission to make changes to his machine.  And that, clearly, is "better" only in the sense that you prefer it that way.  Others quite reasonably disagree, and prefer to have some way to control what happens.  You also overlook the widely reported fiascoes wherein recent updates have screwed up people's computers.

(4)  I can't make out what you're babbling about here.

(5)  "The app store is great," you say.  Now if I need a Microsoft app store, I'll find it.  I do not need or want the OS to interrupt my work to lead me to the app store.

The overarching point you missed in your hop-and-a-skip through this thread is the importance of respecting the customer's right to enjoy quiet possession and use of software previously licensed from M$.  It is only when the customers have free choice--when their rights are respected, and they are not tricked--that the Win10 adoption rate means anything.  What do you contend, that the customers ought to be forced to go along, for their own good?  If Win10 is as advantageous as you claim, why do they need to be forced?

Perhaps you ought to show more respect for your father, by the way.  He was right about Lotus 1-2-3.  It was a better product than Excel until IBM dropped the ball with version 9 and opted to concentrate on Lotus Notes.  Microsoft used that chance to finally catch up, and with no further investment being put into 1-2-3, Excel then overtook it.

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