KB3035583 Installing Windows 10 using Windows Update?

Would you please tell me how to prevent the installation of KB3035583 in my computer and if it is already installed, how to remove it?  Also, are there other updates that we need to be concerned about that enable this behaviour?

KB3035583 now appears as an Important update in Windows Update and is checked which means it will be automatically installed if the user does not uncheck it.  If automatic update is set, it will install without intervention.

There are credible articles that say that Microsoft either has installed or will install changes to my computer that will enable Microsoft to use it as an advertising platform and then install Windows 10 without first obtaining an informed decision to do so.  I truly hope this is not true.

On behalf of my clients and their 162 Windows "consumer" computers, I must tell you that we do not grant Microsoft or any other vendor the right to do this.  When other Windows players do this, we regard it as malware and take great care to remove it.

Microsoft got to where it is today by selling Windows.  We have spent decades learning how to use Windows and billions of dollars buying Windows computers and Windows software.  We own these systems.  They are ours, not Microsoft's.

Windows Update has earned a huge trust.  We trust Microsoft to use Windows Update to keep our computers safe and secure.  When Patch Tuesday comes along we install all the updates that Microsoft says are "important."  We assume those to be either plugging a security leak or fixing a software error.

We all hope Windows 10 will be something we will want.  We will carefully review and consult trusted advisors before we install Windows 10.  We have seen Windows 8 and rejected it.  Windows 8 is a bad product we did not choose.  

Automatically installing Windows 10 on our computers would be a severe abuse of a well-earned trust.  Changing our computers to enable them to become advertising platforms is also an abuse.


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Its amusing really ,I have been forced to treat the worlds biggest computer company as a Spam and Malware/Trojan infiltrator ,Blocked at all costs ,when you should really "TRUST" everything they offer you
Can't argue with you there, mate.
~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
Microsoft MVP (Windows Client) since October 2002

Regarding the lack of trust in Microsoft due to their coercive techniques in getting Windows 10 installed .... I have a feeling that Microsoft will escalate their behavior in 2016 and further erode our trust.

To quote a popular phrase ....

"I have a bad feeling about this!"

My Dell Venue came back from warranty repair the other day...With the original Windows 8.1 installed.   It's like I have to now protect it at all costs from, guess who.... Microsoft.  I purchased the machine with Windows 8.1.  Why shouldn't I be able to use it like that until support ends for Windows 8.1, on January 10, 2023?  That is 7 years away.

I found on the internet, the GWX Control Panel.  Why should anyone have to go to this extreme?  I have to have a stable operating system to use, since you can no longer trust what is coming through Windows Update.

And here's what I think about.  I fired up the Dell Venue and there were more that 220 Windows updates.  Not one problem with installing them.  So what is the problem with Windows 10 "updates" breaking things? 

What I see is everyone having to make concessions because three-fourths of the PCs in China are running illegal copies of Windows.  We are all paying the price right now.  I don't think it's fair.

Wishing all Anti-Win 10 Warriors a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
And don't accept any free gifts from Microsoft

And don't accept any free gifts from Microsoft

I won't since they don't have a good return policy:-)

I am grateful for the help I have received here.

I am grateful for the help I have received here.

I am too wdburt1 as I would not have known what to do. From the help received here I have been able to help others as well.

"I am grateful for the help I have received here."  ME TOO !

I already had the problem , before I sought the solution , my knowledge of computers is very limited ,so when it all went wrong ,I tried myself for a day and a half to rid myself of the problem,my solution to most things wasa system security reboot to previous time ,which my computer rejected every time I tried ,so I turned to google and ended up here

Once I removed any updates numbered on here including the dreaded KB3035583 I blocked any further updates

and still have not allowed a single update since (6 months) apart from the bog standard security update about once every three weeks

I also bin every Email / promotion Microsoft send to my inbox unread ,Such is the miss trust Microsoft has created for themselves

My computer has never run better & I don't get any problems what so ever,

Thanks to everyone who has contributed, especially CanadaTech who started the thread

Have a good one


Woody Leonhard, InfoWorld:

"I'm still looking for a single example of a KB patch, other than a security patch, released in 2015 for Windows 7 or 8.1 that does something worthwhile for Win7 and 8.1 customers. (Time zone changes in Eastern Europe don't count.) Can you recall one?"


I believe we have come to the point (a complete reversal) where the threat of Microsoft malware from Windows Update exceeds that threat from browsing the web. 

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