KB3035583 Installing Windows 10 using Windows Update?

Would you please tell me how to prevent the installation of KB3035583 in my computer and if it is already installed, how to remove it?  Also, are there other updates that we need to be concerned about that enable this behaviour?

KB3035583 now appears as an Important update in Windows Update and is checked which means it will be automatically installed if the user does not uncheck it.  If automatic update is set, it will install without intervention.

There are credible articles that say that Microsoft either has installed or will install changes to my computer that will enable Microsoft to use it as an advertising platform and then install Windows 10 without first obtaining an informed decision to do so.  I truly hope this is not true.

On behalf of my clients and their 162 Windows "consumer" computers, I must tell you that we do not grant Microsoft or any other vendor the right to do this.  When other Windows players do this, we regard it as malware and take great care to remove it.

Microsoft got to where it is today by selling Windows.  We have spent decades learning how to use Windows and billions of dollars buying Windows computers and Windows software.  We own these systems.  They are ours, not Microsoft's.

Windows Update has earned a huge trust.  We trust Microsoft to use Windows Update to keep our computers safe and secure.  When Patch Tuesday comes along we install all the updates that Microsoft says are "important."  We assume those to be either plugging a security leak or fixing a software error.

We all hope Windows 10 will be something we will want.  We will carefully review and consult trusted advisors before we install Windows 10.  We have seen Windows 8 and rejected it.  Windows 8 is a bad product we did not choose.  

Automatically installing Windows 10 on our computers would be a severe abuse of a well-earned trust.  Changing our computers to enable them to become advertising platforms is also an abuse.


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I had exactly the same misery with W10...I did install it and then uninstalled it immediatly...the whole thing was nothing more than a sleezy advertising pitch...with basic computing buried under a mass of useless and costly apps....and too...it just won't go away...I tried changing my settings for downloading updates but found this ???Maleware...ignores them all and won't let me do any updates unless W10 comes along with it...I'm really pissed off....maleware is just about the name for all this stuff...I don't know what to do...apparently Microsoft doesn't give a ****...
Exactly!!!W10 is behaving entirly in the Maleware department...it is so obviously an advertising tool and not a good computing tool with the user in mind...besides that it did a lot of nasty things like delete my expensive security program and was unable to pick up about 500Gbytes of videos I had...I was so infuriated I thought of contacting an attorney...and it has insinuated itself to the point even when I change my settings none of the downloads I need can be installed without W10 coming attached....Maleware...thats the only word for it..
there seems to be a little problem with this... you don't really know which updates are for W10...the whole thing seems to be a slezzy, underhanded scam by Microsoft to get this ugly program onto you're computer no matter what
F   U to microsoft...W10 is nothing but a slezzy advertising platform...I installled it...it was utterly horrible....thatwhole underhanded W10 stuff is behaving only like Maleware...

Microsoft's corporate objective is to have just ONE Windows out there to support.  They see it as an excessive cost to continue the way it has been.  In addition, they crave the ongoing daily income (profit) that advertising and sales provides Apple.

The specific corporate objective is to have a billon Windows computers running Windows 10 within 2 years of win10 introduction.

The reality is that you can prevent their efforts completely by removing a specific set of updates, then changing the Windows Update setting to NEVER.  Then you will be responsible for updating your computer.  You can do that when you want.  When you do update, look for a specific list of updates and right-click and hide them.  Then let the updates that you want install as usual.

In effect, WU is Microsoft's tool to change your computer into what it wants it to be.  By changing that setting to NEVER, you lock the door. 

Note well, NO OTHER SETTING will give you that control.

The current updates to remove and prevent:

SFC : KB3022345
SFC:  KB3068708

The last two also make SFC (System File Checker) effectively unusable.

Someone should give you an award for patiently reiterating that the correct updates setting is NEVER.

And for explaining the NEVER does not mean you never update, but instead that you choose when and how to do so.

Even some well-known writers haven't quite caught on and are still advising users to use some less definite setting.

Your wise advice in this matter is the only correct approach.

Even Woody Leonhard still recommends a setting lower than Never.

Check my Profile and you will see that I look after about 150 client computers.  Since this Microsoft Malware campaign began in July, not a single one of my clients has had the problems described in this very long discussion. 

That achievement is as a result of the NEVER setting.


I have advised my clients to do what I have dreaded doing for years — turn off Automatic Windows Update.

The problem is stems from an incessant drive by Microsoft to install Windows 10 on your computer without your permission.  They keep re-installing KB3035583 (that is the enabler) on your computer, even if you uninstall and hide it.  The result is the huge download and then constant nags without an apparent way to say no.

So I have advised my clients to shut down WU.  Once a month on the 2nd Tuesday, they will get an email from me advising to manually start WU and then to reject specific updates like KB3035583.  Then update.  WU remains on NEVER.

Some may scoff at this idea.  Well they are incorrect.  Never means you are never giving Microsoft a chance to decide what you download and install.  It does NOT mean you will never update.  The difference is that now you take control and the responsibility of updating of Windows and Office.

Some may believe that Microsoft would not do such a stupid thing.  You must read Woody Leonhard (one of the most respected writers in the trade)  http://www.infoworld.com/article/2983777/microsoft-windows/how-to-clean-the-windows-10-crapware-off-your-windows-7-or-81-pc.html?nsdr=true Woody calls the Windows 10 download “crapware.”

If you see the Windows flag on the bottom right of your screen, chances are pretty high, your computer already has the Win10 file. Even if you do not, it may be on your computer shortly anyway.  Here are instructions on how to rid yourself of it:

If you are using windows 7, and have not installed win10 and do not want it, here is a procedure that I have used many times and it works.

This process works, but it only works if you do all the steps and do them in order.

  1. Take Windows Update off automatic — Never check for updates
  2. Task Manager, processes, find and end GWX.exe
  3. Windows Update, Installed updates, WAIT a long time till you see the green bar complete its long trip to the right
  4. Now, search for KB3035583, uninstall it
  5. If there are others you want to uninstall, click Later
  6. Then, clear the search box and after a brief wait, enter another KB number.
  7. Restart the PC
  8. Disk cleanup — this takes a while.  It is a 2 step process.   After the initial window appears, click the “Clean up system files” button
  9. You may find a “Temporary Windows Installation files” there that is anywhere from 4 to 8 Gigabytes.  It is the Win10 downloaded file. Put a check mark on that item.
  10. OK, Delete Files
  11. Restart
  12. The startup will take a long time while it finishes cleanup

You will find a tool that effectively prevents an OS update referred to in this Woody Leonhard article.  Keep in mind that this tool does not remove the spy updates.


If you choose “check for updates, but let me choose whether to download and install them”, Microsoft will download an “important” updates like KB3035583 to your computer.  It will be pre-checked — selected.  Unless you check Windows Update (WU) and discover this BEFORE you shut down, it will install it during the shut-down process.   Hiding accomplishes nothing.

If you are going to take control of your computer and prevent Microsoft from downloading and installing their malware, you have to lock them out altogether.

I am advising my clients that they take full control and responsibility for WU from now on.  I will advise them each 2nd Tuesday of the month on the to start WU, uncheck specific updates and complete the update.  For now, KB3035583 and KB2952664 are on that list.  As well as KB2977759, KB3075249, KB3080149, KB3083710, KB3083324,  KB3022345, KB3090045 and  KB3068708.

You will find a constantly updated list of updates to reject at Ask Woody (Woody Leonhard) http://www.askwoody.com/category/microsoft-windows-patches-security/

This is more than annoying.  It goes way beyond that.  It is underhanded, dishonest and just plain wrong for Microsoft to do this.  There is no offer to accept or refuse.  There is no informed consent.  There is not even an idea of what it is your getting and what the result is if you change your mind.

This will happen to your computer whether you asked for it or not!


Once you have it downloaded to your computer, it will nag you very frequently and not offer you an option to stop it or reject it.  It will not even allow you to update Windows 7 any longer.

It's pure electronic terror, I'd say!
It sounds like Windows Update was a virus!

Dark future for Windows users: Windows 10’s fall update is deactivating certain apps without asking

Today I'll have my first date with Linux.

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