Q: KB 2670838 - The EVIL UPDATE

Why don't you fix the errors caused by KB 2670838 instead of having my computer re-install it as part of IE 10 without giving me any warning that it was going to do that?

This update has two effects on my system*; 1. For whatever reason, it turns the lower taskbar turquoise, 2. Explorer 9 or 10 and Chrome 25 get a 60 delay in information typed into them with internet speeds reminiscent of dial-up, while Firefox 19 ceases to function at all; The internet becomes essentially non-usable.

I wasted an entire day on this two weeks ago including an hour on the phone with one of your technicians when it was first installed.  He had no idea what the problem was and I eventually gave up and uninstalled it.  My problems ceased immediately upon its removal.

I had to go to an internet forum to learn that many people had these problems and how to set my updates to not automatically be installed.  That proved to be no help as when installing IE10 this EVIL UPDATE (KB 2670838) just re-appeared again with no notice in your description that this might happen.  Now I guess I will never install an update again since you provide no clues as to what it could do.

* My system info:
HP Envy, Windows 7 Home Premium, two screens attached using an HP usb notebook port replicator.  Buy the way, this HP port replicator is a piece of garbage that has to be rebooted (the replicator - not the PC) as it freezes once or twice a day.  But I thinks that's on HP - not you. 

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