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Internet disconnects every hour for a second then reconnects

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After running Windows Update, my internet disconnects every hour for a second then reconnects


When I do updates with Windows Update (Windows 7), I begin to have the issue of my internet disconnecting every hour like clockwork. For example if it disconnects at 1:18 pm then unless I restart I can expect it at 2:18 pm and 3:18 pm and so on. My spouse's computer is on the same network/router and doesn't have the issue so I know its something with Windows 7/Windows Update.

This problem started a few months ago, but until past few days (3/19/2013), I just ran 'Fix problems with Windows Update' and the issue seemed to be resolved. At the moment, running the repair does not seem to fix it. With some programs and online games this causes a great deal of frustration.

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