How do I either 1: Fix the 'Black Screen of Death' problem, or 2: Restore my computer back to my previous Vista OS?

Hey there. My situation needs a bit of an introduction.

I own an ASUS G71G, and have had it for about 6 months now. I have been running Vista 64bit until today, when I purchased Windows 7 Premium. Earlier today I began the installation, and after a few hours it was complete, or at least near-complete. The computer restarted, and when it powered back up, it went through the Windows 7 logo, and then proceeded to sit at a blank, black screen. The mouse cursor was visible, and functioned fine, but there was nothing else on the screen but blackness, and restarting did nothing. Nothing happens or progresses from this point; the computer simply sits in this state interminably. However, control+alt+delete worked, so I managed to bring up firefox through the task manager. I did some research and soon discovered that I was suffering from the so-called "Black Screen of Death", a problem of varying degrees which has been going on since mid November for an unknown reason, and has affected many many thousands of people.

I proceeded to read every article I could find on the subject. The vast majority of internet posts are simply people crying out for help, yet consistently one solution is offered, found here:
I tried this out (multiple times), and it did nothing.

Unfortunately for me, this is the only real solution offered at this time. Microsoft, as far as I know, hasn't offered any sort of solution or support, which I find infuriating. So I turned to another solution, this time one that was meant for the Vista OS. Following the instructions, I restarted the computer, tapped f8, chose "Repair my Computer", and then chose the Windows Restore. As I had just switched to Windows 7, there was only one restore date to choose from, so I picked it, and hoped for the best. After a few minutes of it restoring, it announced it was finished, and the computer shut off.

I turned the computer back on, and found that almost nothing has changed. The computer still starts with the Windows 7 logo; clearly I am still running the Windows 7 operating system. After the logo passes, the computer goes back to its black, listless screen. As far as I can tell, the Black Screen of Death is still going strong on my computer. However, once I started looking through my files (again using the Task Manager), it appears as though my computer has at least partially reverted back to Vista. Looking at "My Computer", I can see the 'Vista64 (C:) drive, and all my files and whatnot from Vista have all returned. As far as I can tell, all my files and programs have been restored to the state they were in while I had Vista, but the computer is still attempting to run Windows 7.

So at this point, I'm not sure what's going on or what to do. To sum up: The Black Screen of Death still persists, and to run any program I must open Task Manager and then browse through my files in order to find it. Even then, the window that shows up is just sitting in the middle of an empty, black screen. I have tried all the solutions to the BSoD offered online, and nothing has worked. To make it more complicated, I put the computer through a Windows Restore, and now I am unsure whether my computer is running on Vista, Windows 7, both, or neither. Either way, it's not running properly.

I am utterly and completely at a loss for what to do. The only thing I can think to do at this point is reboot Vista completely, but as my files are not backed up, this would be a tedious and immensely obnoxious process. I would love to find a solution that won't force me to resort to this. Any help or suggestions anyone has on this subject would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Ideally, I would love to get Windows 7 working, but I would be quite happy just having Vista working properly again, as even that would be a significant improvement over the non-existent operating system I'm currently running. Thanks for the help.

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Hello Gloudas,

Thank you for taking the time to post.

Please take a look at the thread below on the the black screen.

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