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I got error in C:\Windows\System32 folder DRVSTORE. It's  name's font converted into blue color and I cannot run autodesk software and many more

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From the problem description, I see that the folder name font color of C:\Windows\System32\ DRVSTORE changed to blue.

Provide us few more information to understand the issue better.
1. What is the exact and complete error message?
2. Did you make any recent changes on the computer prior to this issue?
3. What exactly happens when you run Autodesk software?

The files which are blue in color are the compressed files. By default, these files are in blue font and are compressed to save space on the hard drive.

a) Right click on the folder and click on Properties.

b) Uncheck the box for “Compress content to save disk space.

c) Click OK and check the font color.

Hope this information helps you. If you need any further assistance or information, I will be glad to help you. We, at Microsoft strive towards excellence.

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I have the same problem, I have no acces to internet , power plan options many basic programs and more.
I'm am supplied with a great deal of error messages , such as when I try to change power plan "power plan can not be found" or somthing along those lines, I cannot seem to fix this and trying to load a previous backup also doesn't work.

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