Easy Guide: How to Setup and Perform a System Restore in Windows 10

When your computer is not behaving properly, such as applications not launching, driver not working or the desktop fails to load properly, you can use the System Restore feature as a first line recovery option to fix it. In this article, we show you how to use it.

Easy Guides are intended to make it easy for users to follow instructions regarding basic tasks in Windows 10. Guides are a single info-graphic that you can follow from beginning to end.

How to Setup and Create a System Restore

How to Perform a System Restore


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This feature does not work on Win 10 1903! AND Maintenance(I'm assuming) deleted all other restore points so I can't undo the update. So, how do I turn off yet another worthless Windows feature so Maintenance will stop "maintaining" my computer? BTW MS- most of us are capable of maintaining our own systems, so quit forcing invasive updates/software/apps down our throats without any way to opt out of it. Your updates mess up my system at least 1x per week, I do not need updates for Cortana  Xbox MS Store Mail Calandar Messaging Bing Weather...etc etc etc. No software that you are automatically installing on someone else's property should damage it or cause significant inconvenience to the property owner.  Your support people advise reinstalling Windows to fix these errors pretty much across the board, instead of providing a real fix. If a gardener cut down your tree & it crashed into your house EVERY WEEK for years, THEN the customer service in his office tells you that you need to rebuild your house on your time & expense, would YOU still employ him? After 25+ years using & working with MS, It breaks my heart to say, my next computer will be an Apple.