Cumulative Updates - February 27, 2020 - KB4535996 Optional

February 27, 2020—KB4535996 (OS Builds 18362.693 and 18363.693)


Updates an issue that prevents the speech platform application from opening for several minutes in a high noise environment.
Updates an issue that reduces the image quality in the Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) home environment.
Updates an issue that might prevent ActiveX content from loading.
Improves the battery performance during Modern Standby mode.
Updates an issue that causes Microsoft Narrator to stop working when a user session is longer than 30 minutes.
Addresses an issue that adds an unwanted keyboard layout as the default after an upgrade even if you have already removed it.
Updates an issue that prevents the Windows Search box from rendering properly.
Updates an issue that prevents the printer settings user interface from displaying properly.
Updates an issue that prevents some applications from printing to network printers.

For other Improvements and fixes please refer to Support Article linked above.

February 27, 2020-KB4537572 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 10 Version 1903 and Windows Server 1903 RTM and Windows 10, version 1909 and Windows Server, version 1909

For Quality and reliability improvements please refer to Support Article linked above.

Edit: For further information on Optional Updates refer to post of Sumit - Insider MVP in this thread.

Edit 2.0: Additional update for Windows Defender.

KB4052623 Update for Windows Defender antimalware platform

This package includes monthly updates and fixes to the Windows Defender antimalware platform that is used by Windows Defender Antivirus in Windows 10.

Monthly updates are installed in addition to major Windows 10 releases. Both types of updates should be installed to ensure continued protection against malware and other threats.


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2 Quotes below from this site (NOTE: These are for Windows 10. I don't if there are same issues in Upgrade scenarios like yours ~ Win7 --> Win10):


People who have it installed are reporting that Windows 10’s desktop, settings, and Start menu boots in a default state as if they’ve have created a new user account. Any apps and programs that were pinned to taskbar or desktop such as shortcuts have disappeared.


For some folks, Microsoft’s buggy patch has also reverted Windows 10 customization and other settings to default values.

Another article:

Windows 10 KB4532693 & KB4524244 Update Causing Trouble [Easy Fixes]


There was another site that mentioned the same issues of 'disappearing' items, but I don't remember the link at the moment.


One of the things many sites mention to try first is:

"Before trying out any of the fixes, we would advise the readers to restart their PCs at least 3 to 4 times."

If this doesn't work, Microsoft is saying the Update switched to the default user.

All of your files/settings/etc. are still there, you just have to log on to your account (vs the Default account).

One of the things many sites mention to try first is:

"Before trying out any of the fixes, we would advise the readers to restart their PCs at least 3 to 4 times."

If that didn't work, follow the steps here:

Enter Safe Mode when you can’t boot normally


For some reason, this text box has an issue with this specific URL above (all others have worked without being changed).

Replace the (dot) with just a period.

For Step 7, select "Startup Repair".

If the Startup Repair doesn't work, repeat the steps above & follow all steps up to Step 9.

For Step 9, select #5: "Enable Safe Mode with Networking".

In Safe Mode, uninstall Updates known to cause problems (mainly KB4524244 & KB4532693):

  1. Press & Hold the Windows button & then Press R.
  2. Enter in ms-settings:windowsupdate & click OK.
  3. Click on View update history.
  4. Click on Uninstall updates. (Upper Left-Hand corner)
  5. Right-Click on the Update you want to uninstall, then, click “Uninstall” (NOTE: Not all Updates have the "Uninstall" option).


I just thought I would share something that happened this evening and most likely open yet another can of worms.

When I left for prison ministry this evening I neglected to shut my computer down.  When I returned home it was sleeping or hibernating, whatever it has been doing ever since I upgraded from 7 to 10.  I knew the only way to wake it was to shut it down with the power switch so I shut the computer down manually and restarted it.  I has always booted back to exactly the same place that I left it when I have done that.

This time however, I got a very limited desktop with no wallpaper and none of my usual icons.  I looked around and could not see anything that looked different except for the limited desktop until I looked at the app menu and most of my apps were gone.  More investigating revealed much of what I have done the last 2 weeks is gone and even some of the programming and documents that I migrated from Windows 7.

When I tried to do a recovery I got a message that said no recovery points had been created and I create recovery points almost everyday.

Just thought I would share another one of those things that is "sort of" unexplainable.


hi, clyde looks to me your windows 10 has ether files missing or files that are da

maged i have noticed in past updates over the years this is some time's happens when you have been log out of your account you can try re log back in to account if this dose not work then  only 1 way to go there is a new reinstall of windows 10 hope you have back up your files to dicq or cloud

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