Cumulative updates - February 11th 2020

Changelog for Cumulative updates released on Feb 11th 2020 are as under:

  1. Windows 10 1903 and 1909 KB4532693 (OS Builds 18362.657 and 18363.657) 
  2. Windows 10 version 1809KB4532691 (OS Build 17763.1039)*

Servicing Stack update for Windows 10 1903 and 1909

Before installing this update, you would be offered KB4538674 which is the latest servicing stack update. If one wants to install the cumulative update manually, installing KB4538674 is strongly recommended. 

Direct Download links

  • KB4532693 32-bit update can be downloaded using this link and 64-bit can be downloaded from this.
  • For KB4532691, 32-bit link is here and the 64-bit link is here.

Servicing Stack Update KB4538674 for Windows 10 1903 and 1909

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*Support for Windows 10 version 1809 ends  May 12, 2020.


Update 02/22/2020:

Additional Information for users hitting temporary profile issue on 21/02/2020:

Microsoft is aware of some customers logging into temporary profile after installing KB4532693, on both versions 1903 and 1909.

  • Rebooting into Safe Mode* and then starting back in normal Mode should resolve this issue for most customers.
  • You may uninstall any secure banking software or anti-virus in the temporary profile which may resolve this if the above steps do not help.

*To boot into Safe mode, Click Shift+Restart button on the login screen, select Advanced options>Startup Settings>Select 1 for the booting to safe mode. Restarting the computer should start the computer in normal mode. For booting into Safe mode, you would be asked for a password instead of a PIN if you have set.

Your Feedback is highly encouraged as it helps Microsoft in identifying the root cause.

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* Please try a lower page number.

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Well, at least there are 3 of us.  Neighbor has a new Dell tower, everything standard, and had this problem.  Some past posts suggested the same issue with updates, but that was several years ago.  There were no solutions posted.  Guess we shall wait and see if there is a solution suggestion.


Same here as well, Wayne. Don't know where you are, but we are in Malta, Europe. Happened to my computer and to my neighbor's one. At least that I know of. It definitely is a general issue with MS' rollout.

I had a backup sitting there, and use 3rd party backup software. That saved my back. 

I restored the last good version and than blocked/paused updates for several days. 


Hi Delos,

Sorry to hear about your (aged) problems.  Cheer up!  I am 86 years old, a retired computer programmer, in perfect health.

Just now, my Samsung computer came back to life, after about 5 hours of downloading Windows 10 version 1909, all ok.

The previous update had it totally screwed up.  Somebody said to restart it 4 times.  I tried it 6 times, no go!  But I am a very calm and patient man, AND: I am a beekeeper who gets many bee stings that have tuned up my immune system.  It's called BVT.

Now, if I could have given my computer the same Bee Venom Therapy, it would have also resisted the disease recently spread by Microsoft in its latest computer endemic.  Gotta give them credit though, they smartened up.  So, install Version 1909, it'll work.

All the best to you, think positive, keep smiling.

Microsoft lately acting like a basement startup messing up dozens of new things with each new 'fix' . Thats esp true regarding Windows 10. You can't get any **** right??? 

Bunch of morons!!! . 

You would check your installation history for that.

And you would find three.

or two plus the Cumulative Update. All of which, as I said, work great for most users and it would be real nice to figure out why Dell is screwed up again.

Not just three of us.

I have the same issue on two different makes/models Windows 10 computers.

This morning, Microsoft acknowledged that it's THEIR problem, and currently working on resolving that issue.

I have two computers. One is Dell, the other one is ZT. Both are having the same issue with that cumulative windows update.

Malta, what a beautiful and unique country.  I am in the Kansas City, Kansas area.  Middle of the USA.  One gentleman said microsoft is "working" on a fix.  And yes, now I also do an image backup before any patch Tuesday update.  Just seems wise now.

Take care.


This update broke 2 of my PC
Sumit, I hit a problem where it looks like my profile was migrated to [profilename].000 and everything is missing in my current profile as well today. is my feedback hub submission.  No other anti-virus (just Defender).

I have had to backup to a previous updated setting as this latest update will allow me to use this laptop for less than an hour befor having to do a forced shutdown.

In the task manager twice (if I can even get into it) it shows the CUP at 98%, or the hard drive at 100% full.

So my question to you is, how do I delete or prevent this update from being installed again?

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.


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