Cumulative updates - August 11th 2020

This is a summary of the cumulative updates released on August 11th for all the supported consumer releases of Windows 10.

  1. Windows 10 2004 -KB4566782 Build 19041.450
  2. Windows 10 1903 and 1909 - KB4565351, Build 18362.1016 and 18363.1016
  3. Windows 10 1809- KB4565349, OS Build 17763.1397

Direct Download links

  • KB4566782 32-bit update can be downloaded using this link and 64-bit can be downloaded from this link.
  • KB4565351 32-bit link is here and the 64-bit link is here.
  • KB4565349 32-bit is here and 64-bit is here

Servicing Stack Updates

It is recommended to install Servicing stack updates before installing the cumulative updates. This update makes quality improvements to the servicing stack, which is the component that installs Windows updates. Servicing stack updates (SSU) makes sure that you have a robust and reliable servicing stack so that your devices can receive and install Microsoft updates.

  • For Windows 10 2004, information about Service stack update KB4570334 is here.
  • For Windows 10 1903, information about Service stack update KB4569073 is here.
  • For Windows 10 1809, information about Servicing stack update KB4566424 is here.

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These updates installed on my desktop today and after my computer restarted, my nvidia graphics  driver stopped working. My display resolution was 800x600 and I couldn't change it, it was much larger resolution than I normally have.  I narrowed it down to update KB4566782.  I uninstalled this update and my screen resolution went back to normal.  Is there a fix for this so I don't have this update reinstall. 
This has not been forced on our Desktop computers as of yet, but this morning our laptop with Windows 10 Home on it, had this upgrade going on it, and it did not allow us to postphone or stop it, it just took over.  I guess our fault for not finding some icon to click for it.  But, after the upgrade, which took a very long time to download and install was done, we have been unable to use our laptop now, as it will not take our Windows 10 local PIN, and we have tried everything, it will only go to the screen with the box to enter the PIN but will not allow any to work, and it will not allow any of the other icons to be clicked to help, other than the power down or restart.  We want and need our laptop back, please supply a fix.     PS, due to my wife needing to use this laptop, I went to customer service for Microsoft and requested a human phone call for help, as I had another issue to deal with also, they did call me, but as I was explaining the problem, the guy hung up on me.  Really good customer support MS!
after update my machine becomes unbearably slow. It takes a minute to save a javascript. A MINUTE FOR A JAVASCRIPT.
The August Windows 10 update installed on my Toshiba laptop today, August 12. After the installation the the desktop screen appears. The screen momentarily goes black then displays the desktop. Clicking on the start button does not open the start menu. I’ve waited several hours, powered down using ctl-alt-delete and selected power off. Then restart. The operating system exhibits the same behavior.


I'm trying to revive an old (6 years) notebook and update  (KB4537762) keeps failing.

Can you suggest a fix?



My surface laptop 2 running Windows 10 completed 4 updates today (August 12).  After restart my rig didn’t have internet connectivity. I turned off wifi at laptop and turned it back, nothing. I unplugged my Spectrum cablebox, router, and wifi for 5 minutes and olugged them back in, waiting two minutes to try to connect, nothing. Used trouble shooter and first time it said it didnt find any issues. Went to wifi network adapter and disabled , then enabled, nothing. Ran triuble shooter again and this time it daid there was an issue with the network adapter. Disable, enable, nothing. Tan triuble shooter sgain and this time it said there may be an issue with the driver. Tried updating driver, said the correct driver was slready in place and working. Without internet i can’t uninstall and be able to download new. So I just decided to restore laptop to before update. After restart it said it was unable to finish/complete restore because of a bad file having to do with icloud (i believe). Any ideas? Try restoring again from a further back point? Am i firgetting something? Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

At our company we are using Lenovo Smarthub 500 with Teams Rooms System for both Teams and Skype for Business meetings.

Yesterday the SfB meetings stopped working. I removed KB4565351 and SfB worked again. Got the update again today and same thing happened. I have blocked the update now, since we couldn't use our meeting rooms properly.

I agree
yes I do
After performing this update both my network printer and plotter show as offline.  I can reach both from this PC via the browser and ping them.  Other PCs on the network can print and plot to the devices.  I tried reinstalling the drivers but that didn't improve things any.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

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