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Last night my Asus G75VW (running windows 7 home premium) laptop started freezing, requiring a hard reset. At first I thought it was only Firefox, so I tried several other browsers, the Steam application, and a game, and the computer froze within a few minutes of opening each, requiring a hard reset every time. I did a system restore which did not fix the issue, I ran both a malware and virus scan, and did a chkdsk which revealed 2 bad clusters in the firefox profile folder, called something like cookies1 & cookies2. The hard drive is only about a month old, the original one died & Best Buy replaced it under the manufacturer's warranty (the whole laptop is 6 months old).

I saw the advice somewhere that it may be a startup program and I should disable everything in the startup & services tabs in msconfig, which turned out to be a mistake. Nothing will work anymore, I have no networking/internet, I can't do a system restore to fix it, the desktop has reverted to the classic windows theme. I tried to reenable all services, but most of them have disappeared from the list. I opened services.msc but it won't allow me to start anything on there either. It either does not give the option to start/stop, or when I can click start, it says something along the lines of dependency missing.

Is there any way to get services reenabled without doing a reformat/reinstall? I do not have system recovery disks so I would have to send it away again. Also, any idea what the original problem might be, the freezing several minutes after booting?

You can undo the msconfig actions by going through the steps outlined below. The process is involved and requires some careful typing. Ask a computer-savvy friend to assist you if you lack experience in this area. Note that it might reset your password to an earlier value.
1. Keep tapping F8 during the early boot phase.
2. Select Repair from the menu that looks like this one:
3. Log on as Administrator if prompted.
4. Select Repair when prompted.
5. Select the Command Prompt from the menu that looks like this one:
6. Identify the correct drive letter for your Windows installation. It could be a drive other than C: but it won't be X:. You do it by typing the commands
    dir C:\Win*
    dir D:\Win*
    dir E:\Win*
    until you find the Windows folder.
    I will call that drive "Q:".
7. Type these commands:
    cd /d Q:\windows\System32\config
    xcopy *.* Q:\MyRegBack\
    cd  RegBack
8. Examine the dates of the Software, System and SAM files. Were the files created before or after you ran msconfig.exe?
9. If they were made before msconfig then you can type these commands:
    copy /y software  ..
    copy /y System  ..
    copy /y Sam ..
    (the two dots are part of each command)
10. Reboot normally. If things do not work out then you can backtrack by copying the original registry files from Q:\MyRegBack to Q:\Windows\System32\config.

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Thank you so much, this was exactly what I needed. Looks like all the services/settings are back to normal. However, the system's still freezing within a few minutes of booting up, although it doesn't seem to be happening in safe mode. Any idea what that might be?

Edit: I think I've identified the issue, it seems something was wrong with my windows update and every time it tried to install the latest update I'd get the freezing. I rolled back to a date prior to the update download and used the microsoft fix-it tool to repair windows update. The update seems to have downloaded and installed correctly and I haven't frozen yet (knock on wood).

Thanks again for your assistance!

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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