Blue screen of death after April 2018 (and 8th May 2018) update

I have been having frequent computer crashes because of the buggy updates Microsoft has released. Nothing has been fixed in the May 8th 2018 update. I'm not even using any strenuous programmes... I'm just watching youtube, or watching amazon prime, or twitch, or browsing, or using WhatsApp web, or reading on Adobe Reader, or writing on MS Word and it just crashes. I have done every fix known to man e.g. hard resets, components tests, troubleshooting with F11 bootup, command prompt actions like wmic recoveros set AutoReboot=False, Win+V key during startup, Win+B key to reinstall my BIOS, using Windows Update assistant to install a clean version of Win 10, updated all my drivers from Intel, NVIDIA and HP AND I HAVE DONE A FACTORY RESET AND IT STILL BLUE SCREENS AFTER THE LATEST WINDOWS UPDATES. 

This has been an immensely frustrating experience and this is on my BRAND NEW HP ENVY Laptop 13-ad014na. I spent over £1000 on this laptop and it was running beautifully until Windows comes in with KNOWN buggy updates to mess everything up!

Here is proof. All of my blue screens since I updated to the April 2018 Win update:

2018-05-03 @ 14:44:40

2018-05-05 @ 13:11:36

2018-05-06 @ 01:18:29

2018-05-06 @ 02:05:08

2018-05-06 @ 16:24:19

2018-05-09 @ 10:20:45

2018-05-09 @ 12:01:51

This picture below was after I factory reset my PC (2018-05-09 @ 19:08:09):



Does the system have an Intel 600P or Pro-6000 SSD?

If so there is a known issue that is being worked on:,37020.html

If so, you could revert to 1709 for now.


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