bad update for W7 - KB4489878 & KB4474419

I tried twice to get the latest W7 updates, KB4489878 & KB4474419 install, both times after they installed, my computer wouldn't boot, all I got was a beep then a black screen.

I also have a load of "ERROR" messages in the event viewer.

I am not set to automatically "update" so I can prevent those two from loading.

The "repair" removed those updates & the computer finally booted up or I wouldn't be here. The suggestion I got for "fixing" this after I could get online was to go online & download a repair program!!! Impossible when the computer won't even BOOT!

I will NOT install those updates again until this incompatibility problem is fixed!

I have W7, professional, but because this OS was installed by a computer repair person, I don't have the W7 installation disk. My processor is a AMD Athlon 64 X2 Duel core processor 5200+ 2.7GHz, RAM = 3.00 GB, 32 - bit OS.

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Windows updates had no bearing on the Black Screen error..Youre pc OS set up is at fault,simply tap the F8 key on pc start up,select normal safe-mode.On desktop/ my computer/properties/advanced/virtual memory/advanced/change button.With  C:  highlited,set to "Let System Manage" click set 2X close out.Open cmd,in cmd type:  CHKDSK C: /F  agree to restart,type: EXIT  restart pc..

Try the update catalog, on the icon,select Run as Administrator.

1st,you might download & install 890830,after,open control-panel/Windows Defender/HELP/check for updates,run Defender.

Also,the current Windows 7 updater/software,is  windowsupdateagent-7.6-x86  download from Microsoft..

I have been updating W7 for years & never had a problem until now.

The update appeared to download & install without a problem but when I tried to boot the computer the next day, it would not boot, the screen stayed black & I only heard one beep, a normal sounding beep that usually proceeds loading the programs but this time, it didn't.

It's now working normally since the repair program removed those two updates & I'm not installing them again since they seem to be incompatable with my system.

I will keep your suggestions in case I run into this problem again.

Thank you for your help.


I am just experiencing a very simular issue :

bad update for W7 - KB4474419


Windows update presents recently KB4474419 as a security update -

1 - applying this kb with WUpdate raises an unknown error

2 - Using kb from catalog (

raises an undocumented 2388526075 error :

Event in log is : cmd line : "C:\Windows\system32\wusa.exe" "C:\Users\<myuser>\Downloads\windows6.1-kb4474419-x64_6acf139f1eb84f60fcdeef3d4f81285e1edb45f9.msu"

3 - This error seems to be missing in the following search area :
Appendix G: Windows Update Agent Result Codes


configuration: W7 sp1

I have rarely experienced such a blocking issue with my W7.

Thanks in advance for any idea
I am having same problem on Win7 Home Premium. I have found post saying intelppm.sys is the cause of the BSOD on restart so will explore that option.  I had same problem with an earlier month update and restored from my backup and delayed updating until now.  I find it suspicious to me that a problem such as this one suddenly appears as support nears end.  If not fixed, I will continue using the OS without MS update. I refuse to be bullied into Win10.

Same here! I'm running Firefox & I never had a problem with windows update until this time. 

Is Microsoft KILLING W7 on our 'puters?

I didn't fall for the "free" W10 download because I suspected it was either a beta full of bugs or spy softwere & I also read that many people who did install W10 had problems with compatibility issues with their hardware.

Beware of corporations offering you "freebees", the only stuff you can get for free is TROUBLE!

In the "event viewer" the error message I can understand says "Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x800f0816: 2019-03 Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 7 for x86-based Systems ( KB4489878).

Another related error message I got was "Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x800f0816 Security Update for Windows 7 for x86- based Systems ( KB4474419)."

I got another "important update" today for the same mess, I didn't check the two I know are incompatible but tried the others, it never finished setting a restore point so I stopped it as well.

The "repair" program that came with W7 fixed the problem by removing those two incompatable updates so my computer works again.

I will stick with W7 until I die or it DIES!

I installed some recent updates to Windows (KB4483451, KB4489878, KB4483458, KB4474419, and KB4493132). Upon restart, the bottom toolbar was white, instead of blue. There was a message saying it wasn't able to connect with some Microsoft function. (I don't recall the message.) Also, my pc operated only at a very, very slow rate. I, then, uninstalled the 5 updates and seem to be back to normal. Does this mean I should ignore all future updates?

I don't know what's going on with Microsoft, but I couldn't reply until I had reloaded this page.

I'm paranoid now & I'm thinking that Microsoft could be using it's "updates" to render W7 unusable to force us into BUYING W10.

As a low income senior, I'm reluctant to buy a expensive program I don't need.

I didn't try again to "update" those programs & I haven't updated the most recient "updates" either.

I like W7, it works just fine on my system & I don't like getting "updates" that makes my 'puter unusable.

If it ain't broke, why "fix" it?

I wonder what other users think about this?

I'm not going to update Windows 7 (at least for awhile). I suspect that Microsoft might be using it as a "training device" for new employees. That way, if there are major problems with it, it doesn't matter as much as Windows 10 would. I have Windows 10 on another pc, and I don't think much of it. The jargon is different. The nomenclature is different. I don't see any advantages to be had over Windows 7.

Same problem but just installing KB4489878 puts PC into a reboot loop, no BSOD just reboot after showing desktop briefly.

using system restore remedies the issue.

Problem in update.

Linux is the only way to go. Windows is an over priced globalist backed antique program

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