Q: An error occurred while executing an application Error 305:64

I had to do a Operating system restore on my Sony Laptop (Sony Vaio VPCF115FM due to a virus (Files for Ransom)  during the reinstall of the operating system with Sony Recover DVD an Error message 305:64 came up, While attempting recovery, a necessary file was not found. check your recovery disc's condition and try recovery again. if this error occurs again the recovery disc may be corrupted or damaged. 

Do you have any idea what file could not be found that is necessary for the system recovery set to work. If so I need the help in locating a this file or of another way of get my sony up and running again. I have tried 2 differant5 sets of recovery sets for this sony and still the same message.

Sony Vaio



Hi Timothy,


As per the above mentioned Error message, what we can suggest you is to check with Sony and they will be able to provide you a new Recovery Disk because that’s what the error message describes that the disk or media is corrupted.


Here is the link for Sony

Hope this helps.

Thank You.

Mann Manohar

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