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Remix 3D: Frequently Asked Questions

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Whether you are looking for a 3D model to use in your next project, want to get creative and remix something from the community and make it your own in Paint 3D, or just want to see and interact with 3D content, Remix 3D is a creative community for everyone. Join us!

Here are some frequently asked questions to get you started.

Accessing Remix 3D

Q: Do I need a Microsoft Account to join Remix 3D?
A: Yes, a Microsoft Account (MSA) set to one of our supported locations is required to sign into the Remix3D.com site.

Remix 3D is currently supported in the following countries/regions:

American Samoa Antarctica Austria Lesotho
Antigua and Barbuda Australia Belgium St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
Argentina Cook Islands Denmark Sierra Leone
The Bahamas Heard Island and McDonald Islands France South Africa
Barbados Japan Germany Swaziland
Belize Kiribati Gibraltar
Bermuda Marshall Islands Guernsey
Bolivia New Zealand Ireland
Brazil Niue Isle of Man
British Indian Ocean Territory Norfolk Island Italy
British Virgin Islands Northern Mariana Islands Jersey
Canada Pitcairn Islands Malta
Cayman Islands Samoa Netherland
Chile Solomon Islands Norway
Colombia Spain
Costa Rica Sweden
Cuba Switzerland
Dominica United Kingdom
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Falkland Islands
Puerto Rico
St. Kitts and Nevis
St. Lucia
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands
Trinidad and Tobago
U.S. Minor Outlying Islands
U.S. Virgin Islands
United States

If you are not located in one of the supported countries, then Remix 3D is not available for your location yet. We will be expanding to other regions soon, so keep checking back!

Getting started in the community

Q: What can I do on Remix3D.com?

A: Remix 3D is your online community for 3D content. Connect with other creators. Get inspired by what you see, and curate idea boards with your favorite content. You can even debut your own 3D work and share it online with your friends.

Q: How do I discover new 3D models from the community?

A: Find new models right from the Remix 3D homepage! There, you'll find editorial channels curated by the community staff—plus stuff we're loving will be featured in the spotlight.

If you have something more specific you're looking for, go to Search Remix 3D and see if the community's got it!

Q: How do I interact with models on the site? Can I see them from all sides?

A: You can orbit around, pan across, or zoom in or out of 3D models using your mouse, a touch screen, or a stylus pen! Here’s how:

There are several ways to pan, zoom, and orbit around the 3D model you're looking at. Learn how:

Interaction Mouse Touch Pen Keyboard
Orbit Left-click and drag Tap and drag Tap and drag Up, down, left, right keys
Pan Right-click and drag Drag two fingers Pen click and drag

Ctrl + up, down, left, right keys

W, A, S, D keys

Zoom in and out Scroll up or down Pinch in or out -

PgUp or PgDn keys

Alt+up or Alt+down

Reset Double-click Double-tap Double-tap

Home key

Backslash (\)

Q: How do I engage with the community?

A: The best way to engage with the community is by liking and commenting on models you love! You can also use the comments space to give praise, ask questions about models, or make suggestions.

See something you like? Add it to one of your boards while you browse by selecting the Add to board button. From there, you can add the model to one of your existing boards, or create a new board right from the dialog box.

Q: What is a board? How do I make one?

A: Boards are a great way to keep your Remix 3D models organized. Create a school project board, a board for all sea monsters, or just use the default "Save for later" board to collect favorites from the community.

To add a new board:

  1. Go to My stuff from main navigation
  2. Select + New board
  3. Add some details -- a name is required!
  4. Hit Save

Q: How do I edit my board's name, description, tags, or privacy settings?

A: You can always edit your board details. Go to My stuff, then select the More menu (it should be three little dots) on the board you want to edit. Then, select Edit board.

From there, change any details you want. If you'd like to make your board private, select My eyes only. A lock icon will appear on all your private boards.

Q: How do I get started and upload my first model? I don't have any 3D models!

A: First time with 3D? Getting started is easy. Browse the homepage of the community and find something that you'd like to work on. Or, search for stuff in the search bar, like "buildings,” "hats,” or "elephants.”

Once you find something you like, remix it in Paint 3D and make it your own! Open the model and select Remix in Paint 3D on your Windows 10 PC (must be running the Creators Update). You can add more 3D objects, cover it with stickers, or paint all over your model!

When you're ready to upload your model back to Remix 3D, go to Menu > Upload to Remix 3D.

Q: How can I add my models to the community? / What file formats do you support?

A: You can add models to the community by selecting Upload from the main navigation bar. We currently support the following 3D file formats: FBX, STL, and 3MF. 

Q: How many models can I upload? / What is the model upload size limit?

A: You can only upload one model at a time—but the sky's the limit for how many you'd like to add to the community! Our current upload file size limit is 64MB.

Q: What are filters and lighting and what do they do?

A: Filters and lighting help change how your model shows up in the community. Filters are used to add an overall effect to your model while the light wheel can help light up different focus points.

You can edit these while preparing your model to be uploaded. Filters and lighting will affect your model's thumbnail image and the way it shows up in the interactive model staging on the site.

Q: I just uploaded my model, where is it?

A: Nice! Models you've just uploaded will appear in My stuff. Go to My stuff, then select the Models tab to see your work.

Note: it may take several minutes for your models to process in the community and show up in search results.

Q: How do I edit my published models?

A: To edit your filter/lighting, thumbnail positioning, or even your model's name, tags, or description, just go to the model you want to edit, select the more menu (it should be three little dots), then select Edit.

Q: How do I make my models easy to find?

A: By adding a detailed description of your model and descriptive tags, you'll help your model show up well in search results.

Q: How do I edit my own model or remix some else’s model?

A: To edit a model in the community, first select the model and go to the model details page. From there, select Remix in Paint 3D and get started. (Note: to use Paint 3D, you must be running the Windows 10 Creators Update.)

Q: How do I delete a model?

A: To delete your model, go to the model details view, select the more menu (it should be three little dots), then select Delete

If it is not your model, select Report and tell us why you believe this model should be removed.


Q: How can I change the language on Remix 3D?

A: Change your language from the footer on Remix3D.com (or, click here).

Q: I’ve changed the language on Remix 3D, but want to revert to the default language on my PC. How can I change the language back?

A: To reset your language settings on Remix 3D, simply clear your browser’s cookies.

Q: Can I edit my profile name and image?

A: Yes. The first time you create a profile name, it's free. Any additional changes can be made on Xbox's website, for a fee. (Learn more about updating your gamertag on Xbox.)

You can also change your profile pic as many times as you'd like, at no cost! Just go to My stuff > Edit profile. Anytime you change your profile name or pic, it will change on Remix 3D and Xbox.

Q: What rights do I retain for models that I upload?

A: Once your model has been published to the Remix 3D community, it is joining a large network full of 3D models and the people who create them. As soon as a model has been uploaded, anyone can open it from the community, remix it, or even 3D print it! You will always have attribution for the models you upload.

For more, check out our Terms of use.

Q: How do I make my models private? / How do I make sure others can't download my model?

A: Models cannot be made private, but you can delete them by opening your model, selecting the more menu (it should be three little dots), then selecting Delete.

Q: Can I charge people for my models?

A: No, Remix 3D is currently designed as a free and open space for sharing 3D models in a community.

Q: My account has been suspended. What happened?

A: Your account may have been suspended by the Remix 3D moderation team because it did not comply with our guidelines. Additionally, your Xbox profile may have been suspended through Xbox. Please visit the Xbox Enforcement site to learn more about account blocking and community policies.

Q: Why can’t I leave a comment?

Sometimes, comments are disabled on Remix 3D models. The model’s owner may have blocked specific users from leaving comments on their content, or your Xbox Live privacy settings may have text communications turned off. Check your privacy settings here.

Additionally, your commenting privileges may have been blocked by the Xbox Policy and Enforcement team. Learn more on the Xbox Enforcement site.

Q: I found some content I think is inappropriate. How do I tell you about it?

A: Everyone in Remix 3D plays an important role in keeping our community safe. If you see something that makes you uncomfortable, please let us know. Our built-in reporting option makes this fast and easy to do, and our moderation team reviews all reports and removes content that doesn’t follow our guidelines.

1. If inappropriate content appears, click More … and then click Report

2. The Report this model box appears. Click the arrow to expand the list and Select a reason. In the Details box, type the necessary information about your report, and then click Submit.

Q: How do I report a potential copyright issue?

A: Microsoft respects the intellectual property rights of others. If your copyright or trademark is being infringed, please notify us.

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