MS Surface Pro 4 - Dead prior to 2 years of existence, unacceptable

After owning Surface Pro 4 less than two years I was informed by the local Microsoft store that there is nothing that they can do. The unit does not power up. In other words, dead. Read all the nightmare stories currently going in web including legal law suits for Surface Pro 3. Consumer reports puts all Surface units in worst pad to purchase at 25% failure and yet Microsoft is refusing to acknowledging responsibility - unacceptable behavior.  I am sorry to say that I have been a loyal customer since "EISA" days (only us elders do remember the fight against the big blue). You, Microsoft to my maze and disgusted have become the new 'Blue'. Man up to your clients and do the right thing now.

Joe Carvalho


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Gates stole ideas from Steve Jobs so what make you think they would not keep or steel our money.

I have exact same problem. About 1 year old Surface 4 - dead!!!

I am so fustrated about the short lifetime and lack of responsivility. 

Hello Perry. Sorry to hear that you too and many more that are not speaking out have similar problem. Most recent, I came across the possible problem as the root cause. It has to do with states of power management which can be set (not easily) to S0-S5. Not my area of expertise I will not elaborate but anyone can easily find articles related to Surface Pro 4 Power management issues. It seems again that the seller is at fault for not testing the product appropriately prior to market release. R&D, testing, monitoring and verification is something I know as ME and Project Manager. 

The real exploitation from Microsoft is their marketing ability to further earn $450 USD for 'none-warranty trade in' after less than 2 years (original ~1,500 USD w/ extras) - You have to admire the shady Microsoft Marketing skill.

For those that have not falling into the 'black-screen of death' yet, please search for how to change OS from S4 to S3 power management before it fails to open/start-up completely.

Oh! You are welcome Microsoft! Joe Carvalho