Q: Resetting Surface RT in NOV 2016. Cannot get Windows RT 8.1 Update 3. [Solved]


I reset my Surface RT recently. After resetting, I could not get Windows RT 8.1 Update 3 back like before.

My Windows Update now checking for update forever. I left it open for 24 hours, the process is in infinite loop.

1) I tried the method reset the Windows Update components (Stop services, delete Windows\SoftwareDistribution). It doesn't work.

2) I check my installed update, I can't find KB2919442.

3) I can't download or update any apps from Windows Store too. (wsreset.exe tried)


Updates (JANUARY 2017) *You can skip this to the solution below


1) gianpietromerighetti found Windows RT 8.1 update 3 standalone installer
2) Evan Forrest made a step by step guide to get Windows RT 8.1 Update 3
3) Windows update and Windows Store issues are still not solved.

4) According to Barb Bowman, Surface Support is aware of the problem and working to push a fix out quickly but don't have an exact time frame.


Solution (Issues solved)


Thanks to one of the community member Stjinchan found a solution and provided a complete guide.

Step 1: Download KB3173424 from HERE.
Step 2: Download KB3172614 from HERE.
Step 3: TURN OFF your WiFi, and reboot the surface.
Step 4: Install KB3173424 by opening it.
Step 5: Reboot the surface.
Step 6: Install KB3172614 by opening it.
Step 7: Reboot the surface.
Step 8: TURN ON your WiFi, start searching for updates.

▲ Windows Update: I completed every updates using the method above.

▲ Windows Store: My Windows Store is working and got a new interface.



After contacting Microsoft, and doing research for at least a few weeks, I found a solution to this major problem.

Alright, so I got a permanent solution for the Windows Update searching disaster! :)

Step 1: Restore your Surface RT with the recovery image from the microsoft website. (optional)
Step 2: Set up your surface and head to Windows update.
Step 3: Search for updates, after 30m-1h you will see a firmware update, press install without modifying the update list.
Step 4: After the installation succeeded, and your surface rt restarted go ahead and search again for updates.
Step 5: Again you will see a package of updates, this update includes the Windows RT 8.1 Update 1 update (kb2919355).
Step 6: When you finished installing the updates and your surface rebooted again, go to "installed updates" and check if kb2919355 is installed.
Step 7: If not, try to install the updates again. If it did, start searching for updates again.
Step 8: Once Windows Update is searching for at least 4 hours we came at the point where most of us are stuck.


Step 9: Download kb3173424 from HERE.
Step 10: Download kb3172614 from HERE.
Step 11: Turn off your Wifi, and reboot the surface.
Step 12: Install kb3173424 by opening it.
Step 13: Reboot the surface.
Step 14: Install kb3172614 by opening it.
Step 15: Reboot the surface.
Step 16: Turn on your Wifi, start searching for updates and after 10+/- minutes you will see 180+ updates coming your way :D.

I hope this helps a lot of people, since it was a major problem on the Surface RT.

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