Surface Pro Type Cover not working properly after Fall Creators update

Hi All,

Just had the Fall Creators update foisted upon me and once it installed it stopped my Type Cover keyboard from working. After a few hours of pulling my hair out followed by a reset I finally managed to install the drivers from MS's website. All seemed to be working fine. However, now the keyboard just stops working on an intermittent basis and it can be a pain to get it reattached. Any one else had this issue and if so how did you fix it?

Thanks in advance.

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Let's look into this type cover concern. We always advise that you check for latest Surface and Windows updates to ensure that all firmware and driver updates are installed. Now, with regard to the type cover not working intermittently, follow the troubleshooting steps provided in this Support Article.

Keep us updated with the result, we'll look out for your reply.


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Alright, after hours of searching and trying different solutions, we have a surface type cover that works! Before I post my solution that worked, I just want to make sure I mentioned all the methods I tried in order of succession just in case others don't find the solution i tried and doesn't work for them.

1. Issue started with Windows version 1703, when checking with Run -> entering "winver".

2. Did the power and volume button to boot to UEFI screen and then restarted computer.

3. Typecover came back to life and worked until we updated to the latest version of Windows 1709.

4. Simple restart of computer.

5. Delete type cover drivers (Keyboards: Surface type cover filter device & Human Interface Devices: Surface Pro 4 Type Cover Integration), restart and allow windows to automatically download and install drivers.

6. Soft reset of Windows by keeping all my files and apps.

7. Hard reset of Windows by deleting all my files and apps.

Ok, so those are the solutions I tried along with the steps in the link I posted in previous reply. The one that worked for me and am now currently typing my response on my type cover was the answer described in this forum:

and it was the response specifically made from ikoma_chen . The solution and ikoma_chen response is posted below.

So much thanks to ikoma_chen and also much thanks to Ruz San for following up and responding to my questions. Hopefully this will work for some folks out there with the same issue.


Hi all,

I got the same problem as you guys as well. My typecover's driver was not detected in device manager. I contacted Microsoft's support in China and as you may be aware at this stage they could do nothing but probably do a exchange for you. Eventually I managed to sort this out by myself. Here is my method:

Go to the UEFI menu by long pressing power button and volume up button.

Go to the Device section. You can see an option named as 'Typecover Port' (I cannot remember the exact name but it should be something like that.)

By default it should be toggled on. Turn it off and on again. Click the trackpad and with any luck you should be able to see the cursor again.

Restart and enjoy.

This can be  just a temporary fix for some of you. I cannot guarantee it could work for all of you. I must say I'm extremely shocked and disappointed at Microsoft's level of incompetence. There is no way you can compete with Apple if this is your level of quality of products and services. My SP4 has the screen replaced, keyboard replaced and even the pen replaced within a year of usage. It's utterly frustrating and unacceptable. I can honestly say that I won't touch the Surface line ever again and will go back to Mac at some point in the future. Mac's dongle life can be pushed so hard exactly because of the incompetence of its rivals. Get a grip Microsoft!!  

BTW thank you so much for those moderators' support. I know how difficult this job can be for all of you. Microsoft owes you so much that they deserve the failure of Windows Phones and worse sales of Xbox compared to PS. I'm happy to see the Consumer's report on Surface's terrible repairing rate.


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Sorry this didn't help.