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I’ve got a Surface Pro 4 that I purchased in end-2015/early-2016 where the screen has developed a buldge and lifted in the bottom left corner. Some time before this happened, the touch screen had gone bonkers and there was a yellow discoloration but this resolved itself after the screen lifted so I know it relates to the same root cause, but I was out of warranty so I left it as is then.

After the screen lifted, I searched up the symptom and found similar threads stating that this was due to the battery swelling and I should get in touch with technical support and this should be covered for free. However, my experience was different and I was told the device was just past the 3 year mark, (3 years and 2 months) and Microsoft would not provide any free replacement. 

I find this pretty disappointing as I certainly didn’t purchase this expecting it to last just 3 years and be completely unusable thereafter. I’ve gone through multiple iphones, ipads, and other smartphones and laptops that last past 5 years without the battery bloating, and most friends concur. Its pretty disappointing and fustrating to have paid for a premium device, but to have it last not as long as my ipads, even when Apple is known to charge a premium.

Since Microsoft is adamant about providing a free replacement because the device developed the buldge right after the extended warranty ended (I guess its well engineered in that sense), does anyone have suggestions on what I should do now? 

Some of the physical retail Microsoft Stores in the US have replaced no
questions asked. And it may even depend on the tech at the Store. However, it is
NOT safe to use a device in this condition as the battery could explode. I'm a
volunteer and can't comment on official policy for this issue.
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In my mind, Surface Pro is on valid to use it for 3 years.

My 1st Surface pro 4 was facing flicking screen before Microsoft recall it.

the device only 1Year 13days, but Microsoft reject my case, need me to pay for replacement. So i make a report to the end, Microsoft accept my FOC replacement.(I cover under commercial warranty 3 years)

After a few month i used my replacement unit, the device is getting hot(my old device flicking after a few days of hot) so i submited a replacement( Microsoft start recall for screen flicking).

And now a new replacement unit i used for 5 months the battery can only used 2 hours with fully charging and power saving mode. So i just request for replacement, but i notice my 3 years warranty was gone(end July 2019).

and now Microsoft give me this reason.

We would like to inform as per request from escalation team. If the Prove of Purchase are not able provided we afraid they not able to transfer the warranty to the device right now.

As per check with previous replacement device and Microsoft Policy, extended warranty only can have for commercial device only. As you are using device under consumer user, they need a Prove of Purchase as prove the original device have a extended warranty.

In conclusion all my Surface Device only can last for 1 year or less than.

Hi Barb,

Thanks for your reply. I had the impression that any device with an expanded battery is not safe to use, but this is apparently not the case? I’ve been liaising with Microsoft support, and they’ve replied that “there is no inherent risk or safety concern associated with these expanded batteries”.

Support is adamant about providing any assistance, so I think I’ve hit a dead end with Microsoft support. For anyone else in my shoes, did you just bin it and call it a day?

Microsoft has supplied others with special shipping containers for the return of
these bulging Surface devices and others have been warned about safety.
I will email an internal contact and see if I get a definitive reply.
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