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I have two SP3s (i5 8GB and i7 versions) and 4 Dell U2414h monitors.  All updates are installed on both.  I use mDP to DP monitor #1 then DP out to DP on monitor #2.  At times this works well.  Other times only displays on monitor 1, or neither.  I do not change the settings at all.  It doesn't occur with every reboot or sleep, just intermittently.  Most of the time, unplugging all DP cables, and power cycling both monitors seems to fix the problem.  I am working as a professional in a medical office and this is just not acceptable.

These Dell monitors seem to be causing problems with other Video cards so I have been focusing most of my support energies on the phone with Dell (and getting nowhere!). My workstation PC (integrated Intel graphics as well p4600) works flawlessly daisy chained with these same monitors though. 

Is Microsoft aware of this issue as well? Any chance of a updates graphics driver in the near future to fix this? Is it purely a monitor issue? I've ordered 3 docking stations, will the separate mDP outputs (1 for SP3 and 1 from dock) fix this issue (ie wont be using daisy chain anymore)



Hi Clare,

Thank You for the information.  I've followed those steps precisely and have had no luck.  I did however find a solution.

First and foremost, here is my setup.  Please note this has been gone over on many other forums as well, but I want to make sure everyone knows where I'm starting at:

Surface Pro 3 Dock mDP --> DP In on Monitor 1 (With DP 1.2 Enabled)

Monitor 1 DP Out --> mDP In on Monitor 2 (With DP 1.2 Disabled)

Per Dell's instructions for Daisy-chain setup, you should have the last monitor configured with DP 1.2 Disabled to act as the terminating monitor.

Initially this wasn't working, but then I started looking around at monitor settings and noticed that both monitors were automatically detected at 59Hz.  I figured that 60Hz would be the default so I switch both of them to it.  Once I did that, the daisy-chain worked as expected.

Let me know if this works for anyone else.  I'm going to keep monitoring everything to make sure it's not a fluke resolution.

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Thank you for reaching out to us. We understand you are considering doing a daisy-chaining on your monitors. We can see you've already got some great suggestions from the community.

Here's some information from our support article Connect Surface Pro to a TV, monitor, or projector :

You can daisy-chain monitors from a Surface Pro 3, or from a Surface docking station. You’ll need two monitors with DisplayPort 1.2 input ports, and at least one of them must also have a DisplayPort output port. You’ll also need standard DisplayPort cables with at least one mini DisplayPort end to make your connections.

Step 1:    Connect the mini DisplayPort port on the Surface to the DisplayPort input on the first monitor. If only one of your monitors has an output port, that’s the monitor to connect to first.

Step 2:    Connect the output port of the first monitor to the DisplayPort input port of the other monitor.
Step 3:    Follow the monitor manufacturers’ instructions to set both monitors to use DisplayPort 1.2 as an input source.
Step 4:    Check the manufacturer’s instructions for the first monitor to see if you need to also enable DisplayPort 1.2. (This might also be called Multi-Stream Transport, or MST.) This is what allows the first monitor to pass the signal along to the second monitor.

After your screens are connected, you can adjust the settings. For more info, see Get the best display on your monitor.

I hope this helps.

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Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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