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No HDMI Sound after upgrade to Windows 10

StuartFraser asked on

Hey Folks,

Just upgraded my Surface Pro 3 to Windows 10 and am now getting no audio on HDMI out. 

I am using a genuine MS HDMI adapter for my SP3 and was using it to stream to my TV only an hour before the upgrade. 

I do get video but no sound. 

TV is a Sony Bravia.  Don't know a lot about it other than that.  It came with the apartment I am renting right now but as I said, it was working just fine an hour before the upgrade.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.



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StuartFraser replied on

Yes here are the steps.

  • Connect your Surface to the TV and turn everything on
  • Right click on the speaker icon, on the task bar. 
  • Choose Playback Devices.  (You will need to be connected to your TV first to see it listed here).
  • Click the Properties Button with the TV highlighted in the list
  • Click the "Advanced" tab
  • Here you can set the default format for audio playback. 

By default this will be set to the highest quality which I believe the Sony TV's can't handle.  I had to set mine to the lowest quality to get sound to work with the TV.  You can try each level and use the "Test" button to see if it works.

Once you get the sound working, save that setting and you are in business.

Hope that helps


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StuartFraser replied on

Problem solved.  I had to lower the audio quality for the output to the TV and it works fine now.  I have sound.  Ok kind of crappy sound but there is sound.  I'm guessing maybe the drivers got a little more diverse with Win 10?  i.e. more options?

Regardless, it is now working.



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