Surface Pro 3 Upcoming Configurations

The latest update for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 includes an update to the Surface Pen Driver that "enables upcoming configuration options for Surface Pro 3". Does anyone know what those might be? What would be  your favourite options? My favourite would be an option to disable the Start Button when the pen is active to avoid jumping to the Start screen. Could it be a return of the Surface Pro Mini or maybe a 10" version itself?


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Well actually that is what everybody has been asking.  To be able to reconfigure the pen.  That update provided the capability to do that.

Now, keep an eye on the "Store" for an app to do that with.  There may also be another update to follow (later) that will provide a regular desktop reconfiguration capability as well.

That update only provided the capability to do it.  The reconfiguration app is probably still in the works and if it does, you can assign any button to any function you want (with some limitations).  It won't do everything.

James R. Vinyard
Thank you from the prompt reply. Wonderful.

Just be patient.  You know Microsoft - MUM'S THE WORD!!!!!!

They never tell anybody anything and you are probably the only person on Earth who noticed that update.  Myself, I have my Pro 3 is on vacation and am on a HP laptop running Windows 10 Beta (which is working mighty fine) but let me put a word of caution out there in case you are thinking of testing it:

DO NOT PUT IT ON A TABLET UNLESS YOU HAVE THE WINDOWS 8.1 RESOURCE DRIVERS FROM THE MANUFACTURER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James R. Vinyard