Q: Dropbox error "Can't start Dropbox"

I recently picked up the Surface Pro 3. I installed Dropbox and it worked fine for about a week. I was able to sink, add, delete and update all my file with in as I do with any other computer.

2 days ago I got a Dropbox Error message saying "Couldn't start Dropbox". "This is usually because of a permissions error. Storing your home folder on a network share can also cause an error"


Drop box is installed on my personal folder.


1) I can access the folder the same way as any other but its not sinking, it's now a simple folder on my computer.

2) When I tried doing as suggested I couldn't get permission to change settings on the temp file even as Admin.


3) I tried to uninstall Dropbox through the "Programs and features" option in the Control Panel but got an NSIS Error saying "Error launching installer"


I look forward to any suggestion on how to resolve this issue.





Hi, thanks for the reply.

The issue got fixed indirectly when I reinstalling windows 8 on the machine for other reasons.  Afterwords I installed the app first and eventually the program from the developers website. It all seems to work fine now.


Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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