Bluescreen Issues after updated Surface Pro 3 firmware 19/01/2016 - DRIVER_POWER_STATE_failure

Newbility asked on

I updated the January firmware update for Surface Pro 3 and ran into the following problems after the update was successfully installed:

1. Reboot into a black screen: After hitting the reboot button the machine shuts down but do not come back. I have to long press power button for 30 seconds and use "power + vol-" buttons to turn the device back on. Pressing the shut down button will also cause the same. A single click on the power button just won't boot up the device normal (interestingly it will boot up if I press the power button and leave it for 5 minutes).

2. Wake up from sleep randomly: After I press the power button and put the device into sleep, it wakes up automatically (and randomly) and stay in lock screen. (Wifi on, Bluetooth off, All accessories detached) 

3. Surface App mapping not working: the app does not control the device.

4. Occasional BSOD ends in "DRIVER_POWER_STATE_failure"

5. Not all drivers are up-to-date as described in the SP3 update history page. 

It seems not only me having the issue:

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Jerry [MSFT] replied on

Thanks for all that have provided responses for this blue screen "DRIVER_POWER_STATE_failure" issue.  With your help we were able to identify the source of the issue being the Surface Pen Settings driver (version 10.0.302.0 dated 10/22/2015) which was inadvertently being installed as part of the “System Firmware Update – 1/19/2016” or manually installed by some customers. 

This driver is not intended for Surface Pro 3 and is no longer being offered as part of the update.  If you had manually download and installed the Surface Pen Settings driver from the Surface Pro 4 Drivers page in an effort to enable Surface pen button customization through the Surface app on Surface Pro 3, you will need to roll back and remove the driver.

We are sorry for any confusion or inconvenience that this has caused. 

[Update added 01/27/2016 by Jerry]

Today we re-released the Surface System Update from 1/19/2016.  This update now includes a Surface Pen Settings driver (version dated 1/23/2016).  Installing the “System Hardware Update – 1/19/2016” will remove the 10.0.302.0 version of the Surface Pen Settings driver if it is installed on your Surface.  The  10.0.302.0 version resulted in “DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE” BSOD issue as well as Surface randomly waking from sleep and long boot times associated with this driver being installed.  Installing the “System Firmware Update – 1/19/2016” or “System Hardware Update – 1/19/2016” and then restarting (not shutdown) Surface should resolve these issues if it was associated with the Surface Pen Settings driver.

Below are the manual steps to remove version 10.0.302.0 of the Surface Pen Settings driver on your Surface Pro 3, in the event you are unable to install the re-released version of “System Firmware Update – 1/19/2016” or “System Hardware Update – 1/19/2016”

  1. Restart (not shutdown) Surface.
  2. Right click the Windows Start Menu icon and click Device Manager.
  3. Click the arrow next to Human Interface Devices to expand that node.
  4. Double-click on Surface Pen Settings.
  5. Click on the Driver tab to view the version information.
  6. If the version of the driver is 10.0.302.0, please click Uninstall.
  7. In the Confirm Device Uninstall popup, check the box to "Delete the driver software for this device" and click OK.
  8. Restart (not shutdown) Surface.
  9. You should now have the Surface Pen Settings driver version dated 3/30/2015. 

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DavidF01 replied on
I have all the same problems as you stated. I can't believe MS is still creating problems with every update.
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Mike Hurtado replied on

I'm having the same issues. I'm on build 11099 of Windows 10, it worked without problems before applying the firmware update.

I tried to install the latest version available to insiders but the installation hangs in the "installing updates and drivers" section, about 32% into the installation. At first I thought it was a Windows 10 problem but it continued after reverting to 11099.

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YKinase replied on

I am experiencing these problems as well.  Came back from work last night to a hot bag full Surface Pro 3 and 20% battery drain from full charge.  I thought I had left those problems behind in 2015!

Also, Windows Hello fails on Type Cover 4 fingerprint reader and locked me out.  Received a message saying to plug device in for a couple of hours and try again.  Full charge.  Volume up + Power forced restart.  Have not yet restarted normally.

Please either ROLL US BACK or FIX THIS ASAP!!

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Volker69 replied on

I have the same problems on SP3 here to. Restart or shutdown takes ages and alot Bsod happen. This is annoying, please fix it!
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Jerry [MSFT] replied on

A couple of questions for all that have replied and are experiencing these symptoms:

1) Are you running Windows build 10586.63 or are you running an insiders build?  Just trying to isolate if there is a trend here or not based on the Windows build?

2) In the Windows Update history (Start -> Settings -> Update and recovery -> Windows Update then select Advanced options, select View your update history) does the "System Firmware Update - 1/19/2016" show as successfully installed or is it pending a restart?  If it is pending a restart, please restart (not shutdown) your Surface.

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DavidF01 replied on

I show "System Firmware Update - 1/19/2016 successfully installed" Why is it MS forces us to install updates and then F!@*s up our systems. My SP3 was running just fine until this forced update. Now I can barely use it without getting a blue screen. STOP FORCING UPDATES ON US!

I'm getting a driver power state failure along with all the other problems after this update. You guys are rapidly becoming the next Blackberry. MS has been really bad at every update for a long time now. ****!

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YKinase replied on

Hi Jerry,

I am running Insiders build 11099.  The most recent insider build did not install, stalling at 32% (installing device drivers).  The only accessory I have is a Type Cover 4 and new Surface Pen.

The Firmware has installed and listed on installed updates.

Strangest behavior from Windows Hello: when I use my fingerprint, I get a message saying incorrect username or password.  When I use a PIN, I get a message saying the system is locked, charge for at least 2 hr.  Fortunately, I can log in using my full account password.

Immediately after installing the firmware/intel display drivers, my Start button (software/on-screen) stopped responding.  In face, the entire task bar was unresponsive.  I did open up the Surface App to look for the surface pen settings, which were not there before.  They didn't show up but upon closing the app, the system froze.

For more information, you could ping your question to this reddit subforum:

Please, please, please let us know if there's any way to remove the update.  I need this device functional for a business trip tomorrow night.

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SimonWhitfield replied on

As far as my issues go, I'm on official Windows 10, up-to-date. I don't use Insider Previews on my Surface. All updates, including latest firmware and graphics drivers installed correctly.

I also have a random touchscreen issue often when resuming from standby. I've been in contact with Surface Answer Tech, and I've tried running the official Surface Pro 3 Windows 10 MSI which was meant to identify and fix issues with drivers where possible. I'll post again if my issues seem to be fixed, but regarding the firmware issue, I suppose it won't be fixed as the device has failed to restart properly since.

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Newbility replied on

Official windows 10 10586.63 . Clean installed during Christmas. The Jan update was successfully installed without failures. Highly suggested that you provide roll back before fixing the issues: We need Surface for work.
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jason1980p replied on
I'm running into the same issue. I don't understand how we can be having this issue with a product designed and built by Microsoft running a operating system designed by Microsoft. I have seen thus screen about 10 times since I updated my Surface pro 3 yesterday to the latest firmware. 
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